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    Chris Martin To Become... Justin Hawkins!

    Coldplay star Chris Martin has jokingly revealed he plans to dress up like Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins for the band's forthcoming tour dates.


    The singer clams he wants to climb into a slinky cat-suit and ride a stuffed tiger, just like the flamboyant rocker, when he finally steps out on stage again this summer.


    He said: "I'm thinking of donning a skin-tight cat-suit and riding on a white tiger, but take it one better."However, despite his bold claims Martin - whose marriage to Hollywood beauty Gwyneth Paltrow is allegedly on the rocks - admits he is worried everybody hates his band because they have been away so long.


    The group have announced a series of UK stadium shows in June and July, but the 'Yellow' singer admits he is worried no-one will come because they have found new bands they like.


    He confessed during an interview with Britain's Radio One : "I think we've been away for so long now and the only public feedback we get is tabloid gossip, which is generally vitriolic. So at this point we feel so unpopular and so out of the loop.


    "So to me it seems surreal that we're going to play concerts again because I haven't met anyone who likes us for two years.


    Quite where these people are going to come from, I'm not sure. But I hope they're out there somewhere."


    Source: Female First

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