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    Chris Martin unclear on Coldplay future

    chrismartinq.jpgColdplay front man Chris Martin has fuelled speculation that the band are set to split.


    Speaking in Hong Kong, Martin [pictured] admitted that it might be some time before the band release another album.


    "We won't do another album until we think we've written the best songs in history, and that could take a while, so we could be waiting, 20 years or 50 years. Who knows? All we know is we're playing this evening in Hong Kong." he said. "And tomorrow, we don't know what's happening. So our next record seems like a long way away."Martin and fellow band members Guy Berryman (Bass), Johnny Buckland (Guitar) and Will Champion (drums) are in Asia for their Twisted Logic Tour.


    They used a press conference ahead of the gig to talk about their commitment to the Fair Trade campaign. The Oxfam initiative lobbies against trade policies that hurt developing countries, such as the influx of goods from developed countries.


    Martin said that the band did not want to impose its political beliefs on others but felt an obligation to use their celebrity for a good cause. "We're just musicians and obviously we are not as well versed as many politicians are," he said. "But if we can just get those words into every article that's written about us, then we're doing our job."


    Source: http://www.itv.com

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