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    Chris Martin: 'We Want Stage Invasions!' | Roskilde Date Change

    chrismartinabsolute.jpgColdplay's Chris Martin has said that he would love a stage invasion after one of their concerts.


    The frontman admitted that he has discussed with the band's management the possibility of some audience interaction, but claimed that he was mocked for his suggestion. "We asked our tour manager if we could have a stage invasion at the end of [our December tour]," Martin told XFM. "He went away looking away very serious, but we could see them in a room, giggling. He came back and said, 'This is the stupidest idea you've ever had'. "I'd love a stage invasion, it's not very Coldplay, but it would be great. And I've always liked to leave the stage in a hot air balloon... but it's not possible."


    Good idea? We'd love to hear your views! Let us know at the Coldplay forum here


    In other live tour news, Coldplay have slightly changed their Roskilde date. They will now play the Danish festival on 5th July instead of the 4th as was previously announced.

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