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    Chris Martin - 'We'll Play 4 New Songs' At Tidal Concert

    Coldplay's lead singer revealed that the band will perform "4 new songs and 8 old ones" at their forthcoming Tidal concert, this Friday.


    Chris appeared on U.S. radio station, KROQ hosted by Kevin and Bean. We've seen some hilarious interviews involving the DJ's and they continued to share the laughs in their latest discussion! It was an interview worth listening to but we didn't pick up many facts, that weren't already mentioned in previous radio appearances of late.


    One of the intriguing pieces of 'AHFOD' info we did pick up was, 'Adventure Of A Lifetime' is the only disco song on the album. We of course learnt that Coldplay will be performing "4 new songs" at this Friday's concert, hosted by KROQ. We're expecting 'AOAL' and 'Amazing Day' to appear, which leaves room for two brand new songs on the night! These will be backed up eight old tunes / classics.


    The split of Oasis and the Gallagher brothers was one of the subjects discussed and Chris thought that shuffling the line up of the band may have contributed towards their split. He mentioned his love of the classic Britpop band and again referenced Noel's guitar solo on 'A Head Full Of Dreams'. He also spoke of the chemistry in a band being the a vital asset and used U2 as the ultimate example.


    You can listen to the full interview, here or you can download the audio, on our multimedia forums.

    Interview - Chris & Jonny at Magic FM

    Another recent interview we haven't posted yet. No new information but Chris talks about working with Beyonce and Noel Gallagher and responding once more to media rumours of a 'last album'.


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