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    Coldplay Announce NEW Extended Prospekt's March EP Tracklisting

    timelinethumb.jpgProspekt delivers exciting new news on Coldplay's forthcoming Prospekt's March EP


    If you haven't already heard at the end of last week, Coldplay are to release a special version of new single 'Lost' which features US rapper Jay-Z. In a message on their website, the band said the song was part of series of “musical moves that we have not previously attempted.” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has previously made guest appearances on Jay-Z's own material.


    In addition to the Jay-Z remix, the band will release a new EP in November entitled 'Prospekt's March'. However, Coldplay are now reporting that the EP contains eight songs, rather than the originally announced five, that were not completed in time for the deadline of their latest album 'Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends'. The EP's tracklisting is as follows:


    'Life In Technicolour II'

    'Postcards From Far Away'

    'Glass Of Water'

    'Rainy Day'

    'Prospekt's March / Poppyfields'

    'Lost +'

    'Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun remix)'

    'Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground'


    Share the good news here and read more for Prospekt's note. [thanks crackerjack]051008_prospekt.png

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