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    Masterclass in Glasgow - Coldplay at Big Weekend, Radio 1 festival.

    Coldplay at Big Weekend, BBC Radio 1 festival in Glasgow

    It was 9.55 PM in the UK, 4.55 PM in the US (eastern time) and Coldplay were about to step on stage to one of the most explosive gigs they have ever done! Glaswegian fans have a high reputation for being very involved during festivals and gigs and today was no exception! Coldplay wasted no time at all pulling out the big hitters from the word go starting with a closer to a few previous shows, Paradise. The song then transcended into Charlie Brown to which the band gave a slightly longer version of at the end with added confetti cannons! Unexpected but the crowd was delighted.



    Thanks to BBC Radio 1^


    As Coldplay moved further into the short but sweet Big Weekend show, Yellow made an appearance and Chris sang One Direction's, Best Song ever just before Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall which got the crowd jumping up and down! Viva La Vida was given an audacious reception by the crowd and was trending on Twitter across the globe. Chris Martin paused after the massive anthem to explain that the band wish they could play for longer and they were going to play one more slow song before the fast songs carry on proceedings. The slow song in question was Oceans, a song which sounded so intimate on the festival stage, a definite highlight of the night. The boys then made the place rock as A Sky Full of Stars was belted out to raptures of people jumping up and down, it was a joy to behold! The band rounded off the main part of the show before returning for the encore which was Fix You. The track started with another short rendition of another One Direction song, Story Of My Life and then, particularity during the climax of Fix You, the festival go-ers at Glasgow showed their singing ability once more as we have seen during previous festivals.


    You can view the outstanding setlist below :

    CP #Bigweekend setlist Paradise Charlie Brown Magic Yellow Clocks ETIAW True Love Viva La Vida Oceans A Sky Full of Stars Fix You


    — Coldplay News (@coldplaying) May 24, 2014


    Please Tweet us @Coldplaying and let us know, in just one word, sentence or as much as you can fit in, how the performance made you feel! #Bigweekend 


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    Please check the Coldplaying forums here for more video and audio links!






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