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    Coldplay CD Update: Bless the patience of the Oxfam volunteers!

    LRLRLcd1.jpgAs you will know by now, as a 'thank you' to the fans, Coldplay (not personally) have been handing out LeftRightLeftRightLeft, a free nine-track CD to everyone who attends one of the band’s concerts this summer. So far, the CDs have been handed out in West Palm Beach, Atlanta and Birmingham. Coldplaying has been receiving more messages from concertgoers regarding receiving a CD after the show, and there have been a lot of happy punters out there, but it seems that there are still people willing to help nobody but themselves. Here are some of the latest comments:


    I was an Oxfam volunteer at the Atlanta show. We were given the task of handing out the CDs at the end of the show... There were hands EVERYWHERE! For the most part everyone was very kind, took one CD and said thank you. Others were slightly greedy and would try to hide the one they already had and grabbed another one. It isnt easy to concentrate when you have 14,000 people coming at you with their hand out... I was able to keep one cd for myself. When the last box I had was down to 20 CDs and there were still a few hundred people comeing out I handed them out as quick as possible and then FLED THE AREA like OJ at a murder scene... [mountainloafers]


    I got one too, but there were tons of people being rude and grabbing at the people handing them out. I was embarrassed at my fellow Floridians. Bless the patient Oxfam people who put up with that crap. [steven]

    At Lakewood in Atlanta it was very mellow. The crowd to leave was a bit ,well crowded. My wife and I walked up to the exit and got our CD and out of the venue quickly. They had other exits for those who did not care to stand in line as well. When you come in could be better and quicker I think, but it is the venues staff not CP's. So blame the personel of the venue not the band. [johnding]


    Here’s what happened - there were Oxfam volunteers at the gates, standing under butterfly balloons, handing them out. And I have talked to audience members who saw them - at this point, it’s only been people who went out the north exit, near the main entrance, who did - and saw that there was a mad dash for them. [pbpulse]


    i thought it went very smoothly in atlanta. if you didn't want a cd, you could exit on the sides. i got one cd and it's great. however, i wonder why they just didn't give people a download code or something for itunes or something. could have saved them tons of money and saved a lot of waste, as much as they are into saving the earth and all, you know? at least there's no plastic covers on them or anything. anyway, i didn't run into any problems and was near the middle of the pack exiting, although i was in the pit. we just ran to get out to make sure we got a cd [librahi]


    The CD's were being handed out by Oxfam volunteers and I felt VERY bad for them. They were being bombarded with people. People were even trying to take the boxes away from them, I wanted to stay and help them out but my friend was in a rush. I don't know how they'll arrange the CD giveaway at the next venue, but the way it was at West Palm Beach, you just have to look for where there is a crowd bombarding each other. Getting there early won't help, the hand out CD's after their performance. What I did was make sure not to leave without a CD. Yes, the volunteers handing out the CD's was a bit hard to find at first, but there were several volunteers. Look for one who isn't being completely bombarded. And be nice! Don't attack them! Get one CD and go, the reason for the chaos is people trying to get more than one CD. If you really want a CD be patient. [AnaMars89]


    I was able to grab a copy, but only after being shoved around a giant mosh pit by the north entrance. The CD is a great live album, but not quite worth the effort it took to get it. [Tracy]


    Previous comments:


    I could not find the free CD LeftRightLeftRightLeft that was supposed to be given away last night at Cruzan Amphitheatre in W. Palm Beach. I asked several Cruzan personnel in several different areas and they all responded that they had no information about a “supposed free CD from Coldplay” at that show. I asked some jocks at a radio station booth and they said the CDs would be given away as everyone exits. We were funneled out of the venue, past dozens of Cruzan staffers and none were giving away the CD. No one leaving had a CD.


    We were promised this by Chris Martin and now it seems to be an empty promise. How can it be that the personnel in charge knew nothing of this giveaway? They were dismissive of my request for information. I even went back over to Cruzan this morning to speak with someone in authority and got nowhere. The woman at the ticket office was rolling her eyes over my request for information or help. She said they were not responsible and did not know anything about it and to call the front desk on Monday. I am being swept aside.


    I want to know if Coldplay members have any idea of the thousands of fans that are now left with bitter feelings regarding the CDs. I will call Cruzan’s front office on Monday but a fat lot of good that will do me, and I know it. Why did this happen? I feel robbed now. If I find those employees horded the CDs that were supposed to be for ticket-buying fans and are selling them on eBay, I will be calling all the major newspapers and TV stations in the area. I want the CDs (one for my daughter and one for me). [name supplied]


    Some greedy bastard obtained TEN copies of LRLRL and is selling them [edit: already sold for $100 not including P&P!] as a bundle on eBay. It was supposed to be 1 CD for 1 ticket, therefore some people missed out because of this guy! [thanks Benjamin]




    In the hope of collecting useful feedback from Coldplayers on the CD giveaway at all the shows as they progress through the 2009 tour, please leave your comments here on how you got a CD, how many you were given (how many you could have got), and whether you got one at all. It would be useful to mention which show you attended as well.


    Don't forget, if you missed out on a CD at the Cruzan Amphitheatre yesterday you can still download the music from the Coldplay site. Go here directly for the download page.




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