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    Coldplay Delay Norwich Band's Progress / Coldplay Album To Be Completed Next Week

    The lead singer of a Norwich band has complained that global music stars Coldplay are in the way of his recording timetable.


    James Leeds, who also writes the songs for city four-piece Cord, has spoken to his international icon, Chris Martin about the delay. A late decision by Coldplay to record three more songs for their third album put a spanner in the works for Cord because both bands are using the same producer, Danton Supple.


    But despite a direct plea from James, two months later they are still waiting. "It's a bit of a pain in the backside," he said. "We were in the studio doing some work with Danton when Chris Martin came in to talk to him. So I said: 'Don't take our producer up for too long' and he said: 'Okay, I won't.'


    "But here we are two months later. The Coldplay album should be finished next week, so hopefully we can get going fairly soon," said Leeds.


    You can discuss this story hereCord had hoped to start recording in June, but after deciding against their first choice producer, they linked up with Mr Supple, only to see him 'stolen' until the autumn. "We're spending the extra time writing," said Leeds, speaking at his Norwich home. "When we were signed we had 21 songs. Now we've got 10 or 15 more.


    "I'm hoping that rather than being a great album it will be an awesome album," he added.


    Cord were signed by Island Records in April and are now bandmates with supergroup U2. The band's other members are drummer Phil Davison, bass player Andrew Walsh and Mike Jackson, described by James as "one of the world's best guitarists".


    Recording is expected to start next month either in London or at a studio in Wales.


    Source: EDP24

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