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    Coldplay Embraces Embrace, Embrace Embraces Coldplay

    dannymcnamara.jpgAfter a year of Brokeback this and Brokeback that, it seems like it's finally ok for hetero guys to bond again. In that vein, mates Chris Martin of Coldplay and Danny McNamara of Embrace recently gave each other manly slaps on the bum back.


    First up, Martin endorsed Embrace's World Cup tune for England that had been scorned by others, including Richard Ashcroft and Justin Hawkins of the Darkness. McNamara basked in Martin's compliments:


    "Chris likes it. I played it to him yesterday, actually. He'd already heard it because I'd sung it to him down the phone a while back, and he remembered it word for word, which is pretty cool. I suppose that means it's good to sing along to."McNamara returned the compliment right back to Martin. Some people have said Chris is a tad doltish. Not so says Danny:


    "The perception of Chris is so far from the truth, it's hilarious. People think he's dull but he's the most exciting man I've ever met."


    Very nice to see this kind of commradarie. Maybe these lads should take a camping trip....


    Source: http://earvolution.com

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