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    Coldplay Entertainment Weekly Article: More New Track Synopses

    vlvrs1.jpgEntertainment Weekly has printed an article on Coldplay and the new album with a new song slant on some of the songs - from the band's perspective. It outlines Cemetarties Of London, 42 and Lovers In Japan. Here are the excerpts:


    "Cemeteries of London"

    Recorded in a Barcelona church, the album's echoey second track set Viva's somber tone and features the bandmates chanting in unison. "When I imagine the song in my head, I see London in 1850," says bassist Guy Berryman, 30. "A hell of a lot of rain and men in top hats." Adds Martin, "Or when they were drowning witches in the Thames."



    "It's a nod to U2's '40' and the Smashing Pumpkins' '1979'," cracks Martin, explaining this winding, three act opus. "I don't think you can try to be the best band in the world without having a song that's a number."


    "Lovers in Japan"

    "No one associates romance with Japan," says Martin of the song that most resembles the familiar wistful Coldplay style. "Everyone thinks Japan is just about Hitachi and neon signs, but every time we're there, we see these amazing sunrises. It's very sexy."


    More on this article here [thanks to footyfan10 for typing the article for Coldplaying.com]

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