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    Coldplay exclusive BBC6 interview

    They tell us about Eno, Glasto and Arcade Fire


    04 Feb 07 - After the reports of Brian Eno working on the new Coldplay album, the band themselves have spoken to the Music Week on 6 Music about what they're up to.


    Frontman Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland both turned up to see the Arcade Fire perform at London's Porchester Hall earlier this week - and both were clearly blown away by the Canadian band. Buckland explained why they wanted to work with Eno, who's previously produced U2, Talking Heads and James.

    He said: "Well, we kind of more feel that he picked us really. With someone like Brian, if you can persuade him to work with you, you're doing well."


    The follow-up to X&Y is an eagerly anticipated album, both with fans and EMI who issued a profits warning when the previous Coldplay album was delayed.


    Brian Eno also talked to the Music Week about his latest art project and teaming up with Coldplay.


    "They want to take their music somewhere else," he said. "We're really at the very beginning of it, but it sounds very promising to me."


    Chris Martin was reluctant to talk about the collaboration with Eno, but he was happy to talk about the Arcade Fire and the chances of Coldplay playing Glastonbury.


    "I think Glastonbury is bored of us and I don't think we can even take a harmonica down there for a good 15 years," he said. "I mean, we might go but you've got to know when you're welcome and when you're not."


    Martin said of Arcade Fire: "I think they have complete raw brilliance. It's very comforting when you're a great big rock band to see a band that you think is a lot better than yours. It gives you something to aim for, you know."


    And he added that his other favourite band to listen to at the moment was My Bloody Valentine - suggesting that Kevin Shields' shoegazing outfit, who split in 1995, could be an influence on the next Coldplay album.


    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/news/20070204_coldplay.shtml

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