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    Coldplay Glastonbury preview 2: Jay-Z collaboration, Michael Eavis, U2 cover Yellow, NME, tonight's broadcast details

    glastonbury.jpgColdplay were locked in talks about a Glastonbury duet with Jay-Z last night, if you believe reports from The Mirror this morning. Jay-Z will be at the side of the stage when Coldplay headline the main stage tonight (and he will be in support of his wife, Beyonce, when she headlines on Sunday.) Chris was a surprise guest at Jay-Z and Kanye West’s New Year’s Eve gig at Sin City. It may be time to call in the favour.


    The Mirror said: "Chris is keeping a spare microphone in case Jay, 41, wants to join them to spit some rhymes. The rapper headlined Glastonbury in 2008 and I’m told: 'There’s so much excitement in the camp that Jay will come on for one song. It’s pretty nostalgic being back there where he headlined a few years ago and he’s ready to help a pal out.'"


    Ahead of Coldplay's headline slot, organiser Michael Eavis regards the band as "part of the Eavis family". He spoke to The Sun saying: "They [Coldplay] got a big break on the Saturday afternoon in 2000 when they played Yellow. They then headlined in 2002 and 2005, so we look forward to welcoming them back this year. They're a great bunch.

    Last night, U2 played a short rendition of Coldplay anthem Yellow [watch the video!] towards the end of their headline set. At the end of their first encore track, ‘With or Without You’, Bono sang the words to ‘Love Will Tear us Apart’ by Joy Division, before leading an acapella version of ‘Yellow’ along with the crowd, which led into ‘Moment of Surrender’. Will Coldplay cover U2 tonight in reciprocation? Let us know what you think and add to the poll now! [thanks RC34127 & Juanma]


    To mark Coldplay's headline appearance at Glastonbury tonight, NME have chosen their pick of the band's 10 best songs - watch the countdown video along with some interesting facts along the way. Tonight's performance will be the fifth time Coldplay have played Glastonbury, with many attributing the festival for aiding in their worldwide success. NME go on to say: "In 1999 and 2000 the band presented their debut album 'Parachutes' before Michael Eavis took a gamble in 2002 by offering the band the Friday night headline slot, as they premièred second album 'A Rush of Blood to the Head'. It proved to be a monumental success, catapulting the band to fame and fortune and sparking a relationship between the band and the festival, which continued with Coldplay returning in 2005 to headline the Saturday night - which is where they'll be again this weekend, sandwiched between U2 and Beyonce."


    UPDATE: Dance duo The Chemical Brothers are planning a “laser battle” with Coldplay tonight, according to BBC Newsbeat, as both acts headline stages at Glastonbury tonight. The dance duo, whose real names are Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, play the Other Stage at the same time as Coldplay headline the Pyramid Stage on Saturday. But Rowlands joked that Chris Martin and Coldplay might have a bigger laser budget than them. "There'll be a big run on lasers that weekend," he said. "We're both big lasers bands. I always really like that Coldplay are really keen on lasers. It's one thing they have in common with us," Simons laughed. "I'm sure their laser budget is fairly substantial," Rowlands added.




    Don't forget: It has already been confirmed that Coldplay's headline performance at this weekend's Glastonbury festival will be broadcast live around the world. This recently from Coldplay.com: We're pleased to report that you'll be able to experience Coldplay's headline set on Glastonbury's Pyarmid Stage on Saturday (June 25th) wherever in the world you are. In the UK, the show - which begins at 10.15pm UK time - will be broadcast live on TV, on BBC2 and BBC HD. The show will also be shown live on Germany's ZDF Kultur channel and Brazil's Multishow. Meanwhile, in America, the show will make history by becoming the first Glastonbury concert to be broadcast in full on US television, when it airs on VH1 and Palladia, at 10pm ET/PT. A portion of the show will also be broadcast live on the radio - and you can listen online, wherever you are. Head to BBC Radio 2 or BBC 6 Music to hear it. We're very pleased that you'll all be able to be a part of what we hope will be a special evening. Anchorman.


    If you are watching please don't forget to press the record button for the rest of us who cannot get to watch the show! You can find more online and TV broadcasting discussion at the Coldplay and Coldplay Live forums here and here and (especially if you are accessing Glastonbury but are NOT in the UK, USA, Brazil or Germany.)


    Pictures of Coldplay at Pinkpop Landgraaf festival, Netherlands (11th June 2011) :


















    More photos from geertvdv at Flickr


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