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    Coldplay Hint At 'Electronic' Fourth Album

    guyberryman.jpgColdplay claim that their fourth album will be very different from the first three


    Coldplay say that they’re eager to get back into the studio but are hampered by their extensive touring schedule.


    Speaking to 6music band bassist Guy Berryman [pictured] said: "I know a lot of bands say this all the time, but our next record is going to be really quite different from the last three because I think it would be boring for us and everybody else if we did another record in the same vein as the last three.


    "It's been said before that we really view these first three albums as part of a trilogy and it's now time to move on. We feel that we don't really have to prove ourselves any more to people - and that gives you an amazing amount of creative freedom to do stuff."


    Berryman admitted that they’re considering using more ‘electronic stuff’, but insisted that it won’t be too introspective. He added: "There will always be songs and melodies, it won't be an abstract Tangerine Dream noodling affair!"


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