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    Coldplay Hits Highs And A Few Lows

    ACC, TORONTO [2nd August 2005]: Most rock stars eyeing the musical equivalent of world domination would spare fans no expense to do just about anything ... trash the stage, spit blood, talk condescendingly to their devout adorers, inevitably earning reps as ensuers of mayhem.


    Not Coldplay, though. The closest indicator of mayhem these affable British pop-rockers dished out last night at the Air Canada Centre was trash-talking to Celine Dion.


    And just as the sold-out crowd were about to erupt into deafening applause, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin spent the rest of the 95-minute set apologizing for letting his evil mouth pander to such talk. Gives a whole new meaning to why Coldplay called this North American jaunt the Twisted Logic tour, doesn't it?Frankly, it seems that's just Martin's natural caring self coming to the fore. As guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion tore into the thunderous Politik, the second song of the night, Martin keenly made reference to the Air France plane crash at Pearson International Airport earlier in the day: "Give me a plane crash where everyone survives," Martin ad-libbed before launching into the pounding chorus, "Open up your eyes!"


    When he wasn't getting smiles out his cohorts, Martin pandered to crowd-pleasing, helped along by releasing more than a dozen yellow balloons during, what else, Yellow; putting his renowned one-hop dances to use on Square One and God Put A Smile On Your Face; and inviting crowd singalongs during The Scientist, Clocks and In My Place.


    It's a shame there weren't more of these, as lulls were setting in during Warning Sign and the coffeehouse-like setup that marked Til Kingdom Come and Don't Panic.


    With Coldplay's third album, X&Y, charting well for a sales jackpot in 2005, the band's logic is to have fun first, and forget the nonsense. That nice-guys mentality just may lead Coldplay to becoming the new Biggest Rock Act Of The World.


    Source: MetroNews.ca

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