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    Coldplay In Brazil - updates from the first days

    It all started on the 25th, when all of us (from coldplaybr) went to the airport to try to see Coldplay arriving. After 3 hours of waiting and a lot of anxiety and crossed information, we got to know that the band had already left through an alternate exit.


    I went, along with Ana and Edu (people I met at the airport), by car to the hotel, to try to get there before the band, but no luck. As soon as we arrived we were informed by a group of girls that were already there that the band had arrived 20 minutes before us and that someone from the crew told them that they didn’t want any contact with the fans.


    That didn’t really make us give up. We tried to get in the hotel, managed, by using a little bit of theatre, but as soon as the manager noticed we were probably fans, we were kicked out. Again, not a reason to give up, we stayed at the hotel door until 11:30pm waiting to see if the band would come out. No one did, so we had to go home, but with the promise of coming back the next day and not leaving until we saw Chris, Jonny, Will and Guy.


    Read the full story here [thanks marianatsl]



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