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    Coldplay Live Review & Setlist - Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium (3rd July 2009)

    Coldplay's Viva La Vida tour continued through Europe as they played the second of three main festivals, this time at Rock Werchter in Belgium. More tweets from Roadie #42 who has been on overdrive the past couple of days keeping everyone up-to-date! See #42's images after the jump. Coldplay once again played a short piano version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean... but no Glass Of Water, I'm A Believer or Postcards From Far Away.


    [discussion] [photos] [videos] [wiki reviews/setlist] (updated over the next 24-48 hours)




    Life In Technicolor

    Violet Hill


    In My Place

    Yellow // All These Things That I've Done

    Cemeteries Of London


    Fix You

    Strawberry Swing

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Partial Techno Remix)

    Talk (Partial Techno Remix)

    The Hardest Part (Chris Solo Piano) // Billie Jean

    Viva La Vida


    Green Eyes (acoustic)

    Werchter Song

    Death Will Never Conquer (Acoustic, sung by Will)

    Viva La Vida (Remix Interlude)



    Lovers In Japan

    Death And All His Friends


    The Scientist

    Life In Technicolor ii

    The Escapist (Outro)


    Back home. It was a special concert. As I believe in the equal distribution of money, I decided not to pay for this gig but listen to it in the middle of nature, close to the river Dyle, 300 metres from the stage. I've paid for more than one concert, bought cds and tour books, but since I live close to Werchter and since I've already experienced this concert last october (Sportpaleis - Antwerp), I decided to get this one for free. It's quite strange to hear Coldplay amidst nature, the good thing is the sound is so bloody loud on the festival grounds that, being a little farther away, I got fabulous quality sound without damaging my ears. And I could look at the stars during the performance of Yellow, that's a first.


    So, details for those that couldn't make it. Setlist, same as Arras, but no I'm a believer. Chris covered Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, I think it followed Green Eyes or The hardest part, which he, by the way, dedicated to Lady Gaga, who was also playing the festival. Billie Jean wasn't the only reference to Michael Jackson though, Martin slightly altered the last words of Violet Hill and dedicated the song to the singer. Postcards from far away, I'm not too sure I heard that either, but there was a nice bit of piano with which Martin tied up Politik with Lovers in Japan. Someone else will know for sure. Viva La Vida was, as always, the highpoint of the set, with the crowds going "oh oh oh" for minutes after they ended the song, even when Lost had finished, they briefly started it again. It's quite impressive, hearing this from a distance. Martin did talk quite a lot during the concert, he even apologised for not speaking any French or Flemish. So he seems to know Belgium is a bilingual country, which not many singers do. Overall appreciations: nice concert, no vocal or instrumental flaws, nothing outstanding though, no real surprises. Ok, there were the techno versions of Talk and God put a smile, but I heard those already and they're not that inventive to be honest. I didn't like the new speed of Yellow, by the way. Much too fast. Ah well, I suppose it's difficult to alter setlists because such a large production is a well-oiled machine. Anyway, it was a nice evening, a unique way to listen to Coldplay and it didn't cost me anything. Now I'm off to bed. [thanks walewein]


    More on this concert including reviews, videos, pictures and tweets here onwards.

    Tweets from Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium (3rd July 2009):



    I hope the weather stays like this. Show starts in 90 mins... R#42



    I hope the weather stays like this. Show starts in 90 mins... R#42



    Elbow are on and they are ever bit as wonderful as I hoped. Can't wait 'til they grace our tour. R#42



    Hello Belgium! R#42


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