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    Coldplay Live Reviews and Setlist - Big Noise Sessions, Exeter Castle, Exeter, UK (19th December 2009)

    Coldplay ended their decade of live music by playing in front of just 500 fans at the Big Noise Sessions on behalf of Mencap at Exeter Castle in Southwest England last night. Coldplay's website blogged throughout the day and we were lucky to have Coldplayers in the front row who were tweeting from the Vivacrew account, with live updates and photos prior to, during and after the performance (courtesy of Jayzo and mimixxx). You can read all the photoblog discussions including your views on the latest pictures, interviews, videos and updates at the Coldplay forum (warning: nearly 300 pages and counting!). For more reviews, videos and photos from Coldplayers returning from the gig you can find those here onwards at the Coldplay Live forum.


    [discussion] [photos] [wiki reviews/setlist] (updated over the next 24-48 hours)




    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


    In My Place


    Glass Of Water


    Fix You

    Strawberry Swing


    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - sung by Will, C-stage)

    Billie Jean (acoustic, C-stage)

    Til Kingdom Come (acoustic, C-stage)


    Viva La Vida


    Death And All His Friends

    The Scientist

    Life In Technicolor ii

    Happy Christmas (War Is Over) [John Lennon cover]


    Short post, much longer post to follow in the morning. Have taken lots of video which I hope to upload to youtube/facebook/whatever works tomorrow. Was stood to left of the stage as you look at it about 4 rows back. Can't actually process what happened this evening as being real at all at the moment. Beautiful venue, lovely music, fantastic evening. Not as cold inside the venue as I'd feared at all. Went with my brother, stayed behind afterwards and one of the roadies gave me a couple of black plectrums with 'Vida la vida' written on them, then we met Jo Whiley - had no pen nor battery left on mobile nor film left in disposable camera so just told her absolutely loved the event, then my brother got her to speak on the phone to his fiancee as their parents live a few streets away from one another. Blissful, my favourite 2 songs more for sentimentality reasons than anything else are The Scientist and Til Kingdom Come, they played both. I was at the back at the top of the stadium at the last of the September gigs and they didn't sing the latter then, they did this time and I nearly cried. Best £50 I've ever ever spent. It's 1.40 am and I've got to go to bed though I'm still bouncing off the walls!! [scientist311]


    OMG what a day yesterday was!!! I was one of the people lucky enough to meet Chris and Guy before the gig and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get that chance. I still can't quite believe it's happened now. A mention should go to Chris, Mich and Alison who made queueing in the cold much more interesting!! Also Carol, was great to meet you too hun! Right, so we had been queueing for maybe about an hour and a half, when Chris's dad starts walking down towars us from the castle then we realise Chris is walking next to him!!! He was walking past where we were so he stopped and chatted to us for a bit. He was really concerned about everyone keeping warm, I think at one point he said he didn't want anyone to die lol!! Bless him, he was lovely! I asked him if there was any chance they'd play Shiver and he said no. So I said what about if I told him I had camped outside HMV for 2 days for my tickets and he said that was crazy and deserved a mention on stage but they still wouldn't play Shiver. Then he said that Guy doesn't like to play it anymore and he also said they just can't play the song the way they used to for some reason...

    Anyway, he had a picture taken with us four plus the two Italian guys, one of whom I think is Axe on this forum. Then later on Guy arrived, he drove himself there so he gave us a little wave as he drove past us on the way in and then when he had parked his car he came over to say hello and signed some autographs, which I got and I also had a pic taken with Guy. He was also asked about Shiver and said they wouldn't play it. He also said they would probably be really rusty in the gig and I said I doubted that and he replied that he was glad someone had some confidence...


    Then a bit later Chris came back and that's when I got his autograph. He was in a rush so mine was the last autograph he did. Now onto the gig (apologies if I'm rambling ) Our queueing up paid off and of course we got front row, so there was at least 5 Coldplayers on the barrier!!! I coudn't believe how tiny the marquee was and how close I was going to be to the stage when the guys came on. It was practically a Viva set but the order was changed and they started with Chris singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas before they launched straight into Clocks. I know someone posted the setlist already so I won't try and remember it.

    After the first three songs (clock, In My Place and Yellow) my throat was already going from the singing etc, not that I'm complaining. To see the band in that small a venue and to be front row and have them performing so close in front of me was amazing!! They still managed to sueeze a c stage in at the back and did Death Will Never Conquer, Billie Jean and Til Kingdom Come. All of which were fab!! 42, Strawberry Swing and Viva were also awesome. I got one of Chris's drumsticks that he threw into the crowd... well Chris (Jayzo) caught it and gave it to me, so to him I am so thankful, he's a legend and we're lucky to have him on this forum!!! I think I'm going to stop rambling now and just finish off by saying that yesterday was THE most surreal day ever and it's one that I won't forget for a very long time!!! [thanks karenc]


    Don't have a setlist but here's what I remember..... Started with Chris at piano singing " have yourself a merry little Xmas" then into "Clocks" followed by "in my place" (I think!!). then "yellow". Can't remember order of rest but they played "life in technicolour ii" , "glass of water" , "Lost" , "42", "strawb swing","fix you". They even did the acoustic break thing and went to the back of the marquee by the mixing desk and did a cover of MJ's "billie Jean" as well as a great Chris solo version of "Till Kingdom come". Then back for "Viva" and others before finishing with cover of "Happy Xmas War is over". Sorry if that's totally wrong snd out of sequence but it's the best I can do right now- it's late and We drove down from Nottingham today!! More........... Ok a few random memories.... Jo Whileys sister introduced Coldplay..... We met someone who had been chatting to Carol Smiley backstage ???? ........ we met 3 members of The Tiverton Brass Band who were totally blown away by playing support to Coldplay and will probably dine out on that fact for years to come!!!......... There was some fake snow scattered on the crowd during the first encore (I think) but it didn't work very well and was more like a mild flurry than the full on snowstorm that was probably intended!!

    Right time for bed ........ G'night all..... What a night that was..... [thanks slideaway]


    I just talked to Carol!!! She told me some bits about the gig.

    - Chris introduced his dad

    - There were 500 tickets for sale but also about 250 ppl on the guest list

    - Like we heard already Will played the piano during the War Is Over song

    - During Billie Jean Chris said "Will is the one" and then must have said something about "no, he's not, he used protection"

    - Jonny must have fucked up "Death and all his friends" so badly that they started the song again

    - No Violet Hill, no Hardest Part, no Cemeteries, no techno versions, Carol's guess was about 75% of the regular Viva setlist had been played.

    - Chris has a setlist [thanks Scusi & SueDeNimes]


    More on this concert including reviews, videos, pictures and tweets here onwards.


    Official photoblog pictures of the day in Exeter (via Coldplay.com):






























































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