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    Coldplay Live Reviews and Setlist - Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas (31st December 2010)

    20101231thumb.jpgColdplay last night played at the new $3.9 billion Cosmopolitan complex in Las Vegas in support of Jay-Z as they counted down the year's final moments for a black-tie ballroom crowd filled with celebrities and thousands watching on the Las Vegas strip. Jay-Z also joined them on stage for performances of Lost and Heart of the City and then Kanye West joined them for a performance of Coming Home. Chris Martin also played the piano for Beyonce during a performance of 'Halo'.


    Some sets of excellent photos of the show can be found courtesy of Jimmy Dushku at Flickr (JimmyD at Coldplaying) and also some more courtesy of Life magazine. Full live discussion on this show is at the Coldplay Live forum including the latest new photos and videos. Thanks to everyone who has contributed on the forums, wiki and twitters, we'll have more on this show over the next few hours/days!





    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

    In My Place

    Lovers in Japan

    Strawberry Swing

    Fix You

    Lost+ (feat. Jay-Z

    Heart Of The City (feat. Jay-Z)

    Homecoming (feat. Jay-Z & Kanye West)

    Viva La Vida


    I met Will yesterday before the show. It was actually pretty funny. I was with a couple of friends debating on what to eat. In the middle of the conversation, my friend says he could see my face and attention all change and I saw Will coming up with some friends in the distance. I immediately b-lined over to him and asked him for a pic. He was super nice and said absolutely. We talked for a few moments about how much I enjoyed seeing them a couple of weeks ago and that they were the only reason I was in Vegas. Just when we started to pose for the camera, my friend noticed he had been taking a video so Will laughed and said to take our time to get the shot, so we did it again and I told him I'd see him later tonight and they walked away. Everyone else on the entire second floor of the hotel was looking at me like I was crazy because they could see my excitement. After he walked away, no one bothered him. I couldn't believe other people didn't care haha. That was my run in. My friend Tucker met Chris while lost around the hotel. Apparently Chris jokingly said he was betting on horses and my friend didn't get that he was joking and started giving him tips. My friend's aunt was also in the elevator with GP and Apple. No one really bothered any of them. [thanks JimmyD]


    So I got to the strip around 10pm and I was walking around for a while and waiting for the concert to start until like 11pm. I started to get disappointed that maybe they weren't going to show it afterall so I got sad and we started walking away from the Cosmopolitan. But then I hear a familiar voice asking if everyone was ready. So I turn around and see Chris on the bigscreen and hear the beginning of Politik playing now. So I hurried back to a better area with good sound and good view, and I was all happy again. The boys were full of energy and they looked very happy to be there. They were all dressed in what seemed like the Christmas Lights video attire. Chris said they even shaved because they wanted to look good in front of the bessed dressed crowd they've ever played for. And for those who heard that Chris was drunk. HE WAS NOT. He was just his usual energetic self. So the concert was fantastic, they really performed well and I wish I could have been inside to sing along with them. I was singing along outside anyways but I felt like I was the only one that knew every song. Although there was a lady standing behind me who knew a few. The crowd outside seemed to be into it a bit as well though cause they'd cheer at the end of the song. I really had a fun time, I just missed the singalongs that came with Yellow, Fix You, and Viva La Vida, and the other songs where the crowd ALL chimes in. Chris sang everything this time. At midnight Jay-Z came out with Coldplay and they had a clock to do a countdown, I think they were a bit early but it was great timing cause right after it was officially 2011, Coldplay performed their final song, Viva La Vida, and it went well with the celebrations going all around me. It was also my first song of the New Year. There were like 10minutes of fireworks and they started when Viva La Vida was playing. It was great! I had a fantastic time bringing in the new year with Coldplay!! [thanks iduran20]


    While others stars got wasted at parties on New Year’s Eve, Jay-Z and Coldplay brought in the new year in Las Vegas by hosting a joint concert. The two artists rocked their separate sets, but Jay invited his good pal Coldplay frontman Chris Martin to join him during his set. But Martin wasn’t the only guest. Jay surprised the crowd by bringing out a shaggy-haired John Mayer and a leather pants-wearing Kanye West. [via wowhollywood.us]


    Viva the New Year! In what was sure to be one of the most star-studded concerts of the year, Jay-Z and Coldplay rocked Las Vegas on New Year's Eve, performing at the grand opening of The Cosmopolitan, a $3.9 billion hotel on the famous Strip. But those two acts weren't the only ones to take the stage: Beyoncé, Kanye West and John Mayer all made surprise appearances during Jay-Z's performance. eyoncé joined her husband for "Forever Young" and sang "Halo" with Chris Martin. Mayer played guitar with Jay-Z on his hit song "99 Problems." "All the problems you were going through have been kicked out the door," Jay-Z told the crowd before a collaborative performance of West's "Homecoming," which featured Jay-Z, West and Martin. Gwyneth Paltrow was also on hand to watch the show – and ring in the 2011 with her husband and close friends. The intimate crowd was littered with celebrities to witness the show that Jay-Z called "once in a lifetime." Following their Mexican vacation, Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez were spotted in the audience. Diaz spent some of the evening chatting with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, not far from Ellen Pompeo and Blake Lively. Following the concert, the stars headed to Marquee Las Vegas where famed DJ Eric Morrillo entertained the concert crowd. [via people.com]
























    Pictures courtesy of Jimmy Dushku on Coldplaying/Facebook (Click for more photos)


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