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    Coldplay Live Reviews and Setlist - Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2nd March 2010)

    Coldplay's Viva La Vida tour continued through Latin America last night, as they played at the Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The big news from tonight's show was that Parabéns pra você/Happy Birthday was sung acoustically by Will Champion to Chris Martin for his 33rd Birthday. Coldplay once again played Shiver during the acoustic set - a song that has not been played live during a concert since last time they were in South America in 2007 (ironically, the last time it was played was in Brazil!). The new song written specifically for the Latin tour, called Don Quixote/Spanish Rain was played once again. Cemeteries of London and Billie Jean was dropped from the setlist. The rest of the set was identical to the previous show in Buenos Aires.


    The Vivacrew twittered live updates from the venue, throughout the day before and during the show - check out all their twitpics now. Jonny's wife Chloe was tweeting pictures for the fans from backstage, and word has it that Chris's dad was watching the show too. Some sets of excellent photos of the show can be found courtesy of showcoldplay and again at the Globo website. Thanks to everyone who has contributed on the forums, wiki and twitters, we'll have more on this show over the next few hours/days!


    [discussion] [photos] [videos] [wiki reviews/setlist] (updated over the next 24-48 hours)




    Life In Technicolor

    Violet Hill


    In My Place

    Glass Of Water



    Fix You

    Strawberry Swing

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (partial rechno remix)

    Talk (partial techno remix)

    The Hardest Part (Chris solo piano)

    Postcards From Far Away (Chris solo piano)

    Viva La Vida


    Shiver new81.gif

    Parabéns pra você/Happy Birthday (Acoustic - sung by Will to Chris) new81.gif

    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - sung by Will)

    Don Quixote/Spanish Rain new81.gif

    Viva La Vida (remix interlude)



    Lovers In Japan

    Death And All His Friends


    The Scientist

    Life in Technicolor ii

    The Escapist (outro)


    Photo by showcoldplay.com.br


    OXFAM: Morumbi means ‘green hill’. Had it meant ‘Violet Hill’ it would have been perfection. Still, it’s a word of indigenous origin and I love the sound of it: doesn’t it make you think of a crescendo of noise? Appropriate for tonight indeed. It’s Chris’s birthday today and Will sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in Portuguese, reading out some scribbled notes on his guitar, and São Paulo’s people joined in. Feliz aniversário! [read the full Oxfam tour blog]


    Hello you all!! Sorry for coming late, but I'm hell tired!! The last five days are among the best of my entire life for sure!! Thank you Coldplay!!! Sooooo have a lot to tell you about yesterday gig! It all started the day before... I had arrived from Rio and was heading to the hotel in Sao Paulo when I received a phone call... it was a girl from EMI Brazil telling she wanted to take me to a meet ang greet with the band just before the gig! Actually they were looking for someone to go to Rio's M&G, and they've sent me an email when I was in Buenos Aires... I answered it right after BA's concert, but it was too late since they only check emails in week days. So I missed this M&G. When the EMI lady read my email on Monday she talked to her boss and he said it was ok to call me for SP's M&G...

    Needless to say that I couldn't sleep that night. Sooo I didn't go to queue (would arrive veeeeeeery early in the morning to be on the pit) cause I'd have to leave to meet the boys and would lose my spot sooo it was pointless to do so. I was joined by another fan who owns a Coldplay community in Orkut, two fans who have won a contest and two girls who had an aunt woking in EMI London and arranged the meeting for them. All others were from the press. Around 15 people. When we entered restricted area I immediately spotted Jackie. I've talked to her in both Buenos Aires and Rio soo she already knew me. When she saw me she said: Are you going, seriously??? And she came to ask how I was there if I was from a radio station or what. I told her about the website and she seemed very happy for me. The EMI Brazil guy was near us and she told him that I was a massive fan and he said that it was great and he was glad that I was there.


    We waited and waited and Chris rushed in front of was saying he was coming soon I was all awwwwwwwwww. While waiting I saw Bash and said 'hey bash' he immediatelly came to ask how I knew his name, just as it was described in the roadies thread. Saw Vicky too!! She's so pretty. When the boys came it was much more like a 'look and greet' than a 'meet and greet' we were not allowed to have anything signed or take pictures with our own cameras. The part I particularly loved the most was when they came all together, VIVA dressed, with a smile on their faces... I was all like aaaaaaawww. Then we stayed in line and they came, one by one, to shake our hands! It's incredible how they all can be a lot more prettier when you're face to face. After that we all took a group photo with an official photographer... after the first attempt he kept saying to someone move, the one in red (it was Guy!! ¬¬ come on!! He didn't know his name ¬¬) After that we were supposed to leave because another group of journalists would go in, but I was able to have a small chat with Chris against security orders. I asked him how was the new song called afterall 'cause he'd named it both Don Quijote and Spanish Rain and we were puzzled. He said it'd be called Spanish Rain probably, because they have another new song called Don Quijote. They still don't know what to do with these 2 songs and I was all: Wow 2 songs, that's even better. And by then everyone was already pushing me and saying it was over and so on. It was lovely to see that Chris ignored them and kept answering my question in a calm way. They give a LRLRL copy to each one of us but I missed mine because I was talking to Chrissy. do you think I care??


    After that we went back to the concert. As I wouldn't be able to stand on pit with my friends, I decided to stay near the ramp of love with another group of great friends. Was able to record a lot of great material from there. Caught some ACE scenes of Chris laying down, I'm sure you're gonna love it! Caught Jonny's butt as well. Great videos of Shiver and Spanish Rain from the screen. Sao Paulo's gig had a lot of tecnical problems. The major was that the sound was too low. Jonny had lots of problems, not sure but guess he had a broken string in Violet Hill and Matt had to help him several times during the gig. Guess somebody released the butterflies in the wrong hour cause I saw some of them during Politik O.o Chris started playing DAAHF and had to stop it, Hoppy came in and told him something... and then Chris started it again. Apart from that, it was a greeeeeeeeaatt show!! Had so much fun with my friends!! The balloon part was funny and Will's portugues is greaaaaaat!! It was so lovely to hear him singing Happy Bday in portuguese!! When he said 'I'm gonna need your help in this song" I was hey, most people don't know DWNC lyrics, how can Will be asking for help?? And the big surprise came Loveeeeed it!! And hearing Shiver is always a huuuuuge pleasure!!! My favourite CP song of all time!! [thanks Cris_Santos]


    More on this concert including reviews, videos, pictures and tweets here onwards.










    Pictures courtesy of the Globo website (click for more).


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