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    Coldplay Live Reviews and Setlist - Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival, UK (25th June 2011)

    Coldplay gave a fantastic performance on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury festival tonight (25th June 2011). This was their fifth appearance at the festival, and the third as headliners. During the concert both 'Major Minus' and 'Violet Hill' trended worldwide on Twitter. There were no Jay-Z appearances or U2 covers as was widely mooted before the show.


    Coldplay again played five new songs as they did in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands recently, which were Hurts Like Heaven (opening song), Major Minus, Us Against The World, Charlie Brown and the new single Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (closing song). Sadly we didn't get to see Princess of China tonight... BUT... they did add old Glastonbury favourites Shiver and Everything's Not Lost to the setlist! A rendition of What A Wonderful World also appeared after the encore. During the show Chris Martin said, "Thank you for having us and thanks for coming to see us. Hope we exceed your expectations and sorry for playing some new songs - some day they will be your favourites."


    More live discussion on this show is at the Coldplay Live forum, and all you need to keep the show forever will be in the multimedia forum as well. Some excellent photos have been uploaded at Flickr already courtesy of Al de Perez - more photos links to follow. Thanks to everyone who has contributed on the forums, Youtube and twitters. We'll have more on this show over the next few hours/days!


    20110625bbc2a.jpgSetlist (confirmed):


    MX/Hurts Like Heaven


    In My Place

    Major Minus


    The Scientist


    Violet Hill

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

    Everything's Not Lost

    Us Against The World


    Viva la Vida

    Charlie Brown

    Life Is For Living



    What A Wonderful World

    Fix You

    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


    Picture by BBC photostream @ Flickr


    I could feel them being soo nervous. I think those "Glasto is so important" thing just put too much pressure on them. They were not at home on this stage and did not feel at all comfortable, trying to win the crowd over again and again. Those mistake during UATW proves that, I think. At Rock am Ring they enjoyed themselves and rocked the place, at Glasto they were kinda stiff. At least I felt that. The show was great, nevertheless. I liked fireworks and lasers, and walking man learned a couple of new moves (or I just didn't notice them earlier?). Clocks, GPASUYF, Viva and Charlie Brown were awesome, loved the whole set. [thanks lafinion]


    That was really good. It showed real class and showed them all back at top form in their home turf. Absolutely adore that it was a good mix of all eras (except X&Y because well, that was a figment of our imagination *bitter about it*) and that even the new songs went down with quite a decent crowd and viewer reaction (Charlie Brown was trending after being played with a generally positive reception). Chris was just Chris as per normal. Absolutely adorable and so abashed all the time. Oh and messing up, could that be any more endearing (obviously not)? This definitely brings back out the Coldplayer dominant side in me, and I can't wait for the album and the successive tour. And just because this was such a brilliant performance, even ETIAW didn't grate on me as much as it normally would. [thanks Nattatouille]


    What an outstanding, perfect performace. Everything in their live performances that I love they did. The perfect end to Shiver, the "Jonny Boy" before the riff in Major Minus, the crowd and ascension at the end of "Everything's Not Lost". The older songs they played from Parachutes were stunning; the setlist was perfect. The stage itself looked fantastic. It was mind blowing. Epic. Coldplay are back. [thanks Don't Shiver]


    [After the concert] Chris looked exhausted as well as having a sore throat. Basically just said they were humbled and thanks to everyone for watching. Talked a bit about the light show at the end and how Glasto is their second home, but in general they just looked knackered. Understandable really - he really throws himself around on stage and bounces into the next track right after the last one finishes. [thanks Hilly_2004]


    [After the concert] they were talking about that they have a few gigs left in amazing places , that they were nervous and now celebrating ... chris was drinking a beer ! He said he asked Bono to talk to god about arranging good weather. And that they'll be finishing the album this summer after the gigs! [thanks tom043]

    I loved the show so much! I loved that they played Shiver and Everything's not Lost! Very nice touch to play those songs again on Glasto after not having played them for so long, and especially Shiver's been requested so much, and I don't know how long ago it was that they played it in full, with drums etc. So that was great! And I thought this was one of the best performances of Fix You I've seen, Chris just really hit the notes so well! Wow, that was awesome. And the light-show was crazy (and HLH is really so much better when it's dark, because I loved the lasers and fireworks, and at Pinkpop it was light at the start so that took away a lot of the magic unfortunately). And I'm happy they didn't play Trouble, just because it feels more special now that they played it on Pinkpop. [thanks 2GreenEyes]


    You know I really liked Every Teardrop for once. Maybe it was the 60,000 strong crowd cheeringi n unison or the multicoloured lit Pyramid Stage but somehow they made it work for me! 10/10. Face palmed when Chris fucked up Us Against The World but looking back it seems very down to earth and human! U2 last night were epic and sub human...almost alien like because they were so out of this world BUT Coldplay were epic but incredibly human and modest. What a wonderful show. [thanks howyousawtheworld]










    Photos by Al de Perez @ Flickr


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