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    Coldplay Live Reviews and Setlist - Rock im Park Festival, Nürnberg, Germany (3rd June 2011)

    Coldplay played the Rock im Park Festival, Nürnberg, Germany last night (3rd June 2011), with SEVEN new songs added to the setlist, according to Coldplay's band assistant, Vicki Taylor, who also tweeted a picture from behind the stage.


    Setlist details are somewhat sketchy at the moment, but it is believed that Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall closed the show. The Fuzzy Man that was seen in an earlier teaser video posted on ColdplayTV made an appearance as the background visual to one of the new songs, Hurts Like Heaven. Read below to see what the man does. There is a video posted in the Coldplay Live forum here, of another new song, as yet unknown. This could be Against The Wall, which is another title rumoured. There are also videos for Fix You, The Scientist, and Yellow.


    More live discussion on this show is at the Coldplay Live forum (45 pages so far!) Thanks to everyone who has contributed on the forums and twitters, we'll have more on this show over the next few hours/days!


    20110603cm1.jpgSetlist (unconfirmed):


    Intro (Back To The Future themetune)

    Cartoon Heart



    In my Place

    Princess Of China

    The Scientist


    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

    Hurts Like Heaven

    Viva la Vida

    Fix You

    *New song ("Walking Man" visuals on screen)

    *New song


    Cemeteries of London

    *New song

    Life Is For Living

    Every TearDrop Is A Waterfall


    *One from: Princess Of China, Us Against The World / Against The Wall, Cartoon Hearts, Hurts Like Heaven.


    Just back from the first gig. Here are a few details: 1) Confettis make a return - only in a different form..new confettis are shaped in X's. 2) Balloons make a return - in different colors..red, yellow, blue, green. 3) There were tons of new songs. 4) I LOVED the new song with walking man! Remember that colorful light guy walking in the teaser video..that turned out to be the background visual video for one of the new songs..and that song is amazing!! Not sure about the name - but as he starts to walk..than he runs..than he flies! Song is getting faster and faster. Loved it. 5) VIVA LA VIDA makes a return with a different ending..it starts like the usual one and ends with a slow piano solo of Chris. 6) In one of the songs..Will plays the piano and sings with Chris. 7) I love the new outfits..and I'm sure we will see many variations as the tour goes on. 8) New guitars have words written all over them..and some of the insturments are spray painted all over in grafitti. I just HOPE they are new ones though - and hope they didn't REPAINT the amazing VIVA pianos. 9) There were tons of new songs. 10) Fireworks were amazing. 11) Lasers..everywhere. Lights.. 12) New stage is so colorful..at first it's difficult to get use to..but once you see it with all the lights, pyros etc. everything blends well together. 13) Starting with Cemeteries of London..screens turn black & white and cameras focus on Jonny. Looks really cool. 14) After one of the last songs..as everyone is done playing..Chris stops..Guy and Jonny put away their guitars and Will continues fast solo drumming which sounds rather amazing. 15) Chris has new moves..full of energy. 16) There are certain pathces that looks like dream-cathers on the jackets..and those shapes are also used as lights on the stage. 17) Intro..is the best yet! 18) Outro..Every teardrop..I don't like the song yet..but i'm sure I will get used to it quick. 19) In my place..dance moves..great! 20) New song..not sure of the lyrics..but I think it was going somehting like this: I got one eye watching you, one eye watching you..Chris on guitar..great song. 21) Again i have to check my pictures - but if i remember correct its written "Shit happens" on one of Jonny's gutars. 22) There might be a second confetti shape variation besides "X" one. [thanks lo&loud]

    I just came home now. I feel sleepy and exhausted^^. yesterday I was trying to get through to cping a few times but my internet didnt work so well that i finally gave up and enjoyed the concert instead of spending my time with typing messages. I'm sorry. I updated the setlist a little but sadly I dont remember it completely and i didnt write anything down. They have not played lovers in japan and speed of sound I think! they put butterflies inside the balloons. [thanks [email protected].]


    Sprachlos. Komplett sprachlos. #Coldplay's Festival-Produktion steckt so ziemlich alles Dagewesene in die Tasche. (Another super feedback. It means that they haven't any words for the Coldplay-Show. The festival-perfomance must be extraordinary and they didn't saw anything else better before!) [thanks COLDPLAYfanforever01]


    fkn nailed it!!! AWESOME SHOW! Great setlist, amazing visual effects and the BEST FRIKKIN light show ever! (@_rockchic via Twitter)


    They trashed all the setlists. :/ You could try the Rock Am Ring live stream on Sunday, they might reveal names then. (@Cess_ERC via Twitter)
















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