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    Coldplay Live Reviews, Photos and Setlist - iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London, UK (22nd July 2011)

    Coldplay headlined their fourteenth festival of the summer so far, playing at the iTunes festival at the Roundhouse in London's Camden district last night (22nd July, 2011). The concert was aired on XFM as well as the iTunes platform across the world. Coldplay played Moving To Mars (watch!) live for the very first time in place of Everything's Not Lost. Life Is For Living returned to the setlist after a one-show absence (Oxegen). Other than those, there were no setlist changes from previous shows.


    Celebrities present at the show included former Oasis man Noel Gallagher and chef Jamie Oliver. Tweets during the show came from people all around the world watching through iPhones, iPads and iPods - including one person watching the show whilst rowing in the middle of New York's Central Park lake. People who were actually at the show were still singing the Viva chant on the tube afterwards - Viva La Chalk Farm (Some happy folks sing the Woah woah woahhs, from Viva La Vida on their way home from the iTunes festival gig at the Roundhouse, much to the confusion of the non Coldplay-fan underground users).


    During the show, Hurts Like Heaven trended worldwide on Twitter, as well as 'Coldplay Live Stream' being a promoted topic. Some more videos of the performance have already been uploaded here. There are also some screen captures taken from the iTunes stream. You can listen again to the streamed recording of the performance via our Multimedia forum where the set has been uploaded in MP3. More live discussion on this show is at the Coldplay Live forum. Thanks to everyone who has contributed on the forums, Youtube and twitters. We'll have more on this show over the next few hours/days! [thanks Snookerman, Bonus_Mosher, rafaelchampion & Juanma]


    20110722nlu4.pngSetlist confirmed):



    Hurts Like Heaven


    In My Place

    Major Minus


    The Scientist


    Violet Hill

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

    Moving To Mars

    Us Against The World


    Viva la Vida

    Charlie Brown

    Life Is For Living



    Fix You

    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


    Photo courtesy of Neil Lupin @ Flickr


    Just got back from the gig.. Me and my brother somehow got in. It was as DODGY as you get.. but who cares!? 10th gig and loved it. Especially as it was easily the smallest venue I've ever seen Coldplay in. Well expect a small thing called 'Pilton Party' which they played a million years ago.. Only thing is that crowd was AWFUL. My brother got spat at just for going a bit crazy during Politik. And generally they were dull as. It was definitely a 'competition winners' crowd but also the genuine Coldplay lot down the front were pretty tame. It's a shame that when they play in such an amazing venue they get such a shit audience. Chris seemed to know it too. He was like begging everyone to get involved and then just gave up. He was always sweating a shit load as it was HOT in there. I went up on my brothers shoulders for 'Yellow' and got told.. "I didn't win tickets to see your back" - OMG. Get over it. You WON tickets. For free. They cost you nothing. She was a miserable cow. Anyway.. rant over. Just wish people would realise it's a live concert and I'm there to have fun not just stand there like a statue. [thanks neb321]

    The concert was very great, I loved the multicoloured lights and my favorite song was Politik, this song is, I think, the best of all songs of Coldplay, is deep and touching. Moving To Mars was a good surprise, the melody was absolutly magical and ambiance was hypnotical! I think the new album will be perfect, I hope Hurts Like Heaven will be on it because I think it is the best new song of them. This is very stimulating and enjoyable, we want running with colored man when we hear and see it So I hope we'll have this treasure on LP5. At the middle of show we had Violet Hill and I love it as always, it's amazing! [thanks Blue Glisten]


    I have to say that I enjoyed watching this concert more than the other festivals that they played this year. It was brilliant. It was nice of Chris to remember about everyone else watching it at home too. and Jonny was awesome!!! [thanks funkenstein]


    Don't remember who posted the Twitter message with : thinking about the setlist.... But I can say that they could have put a little bit more effort into the thinking part. Apart from Moving to Mars (which is great), everything stayed the same. I really don't understand that. They have got an amazing catalogue of great songs to pick from and yet they always pick the same. Still, I was moving like an idiot on the Ikea "ladder"I use as a chair. There perfomance is great, their songs are fantastic, but it would be nice to see some change one in a while. [thanks dedongel]


    Unbelievable are ITV. And they just showed the most generic Coldplay song they could have - Viva La Vida and cut when Charlie Brown was about to start and then onto truly thick comments about the song 'I think that sounds really Christmassy with all the bells and everything'. Do me a favour! And I'm really wanting to kick that cockney **** in the face now. OMG! They're still talking to Vernon Kay and they're promoting Family Fortunes!! Do these idiots have any shame?! [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    I thought that maybe they would play again Princess of China, because of the venue, but I supose they haven't much time to change the setlist as they are finishing the album. Anyways, thanks to iTunes for streaming it, I've could watch it with good quality. Oh, and thanks Chris have mentioned the people that couldn't make it to the gig. [thanks rousi]


    A great show. Not the best, but still great! MtM...amazing...and very brave. On the stream at least it seemed to get one of the best receptions of the night. I'm amazed Chris didn't pass out in those hot conditions...and he looked to be struggling at times, but did amazingly well...very early on you could see sweat pouring off his wrists as he played the piano... I think you could also see the extra pressure the boys (particularly Chris) feel when they play in London, and so (I guess) why they don't do it so much. The crowd were pretty 'mixed' I thought, must have been hard work to play to at times. Damn those guests in suits, and casual gig goers. The true fans were exceptional though. Still think Lost could be, er, lost, and I personally hope MM will be too. HLH, MtM, CB, UAtW...all mindblowing. That's a third of an album right there of absolutely astonishing material for me. Hope everyone who got in had an amazing time - sure you did. [thanks Tonsu]


    Amazing! The show was incredible! its like the 100000th time i see coldplay live but I still don't get tired of the clasics! hope you enjoyed Moving to Mars like I did! Its not a song that will be played often! once in a lifetime (well not that much, but is not a song that the band will play in their upcoming tour) Lucky the people that heard the "U" song at the soundcheck... Im pretty sure some people recorded it, i wouldn't be surprised if it would appear later in youtube (i hope not), anyway, good night, and see you in japan! (not literally). -Mnemonic Murals. [thanks Jack Bauer]


    I just think that it's a real shame that every time you watch a Coldplay show, you know exactly what you are getting. I'm also a big Crowded House fan (don't know if this makes any of you nauseous, sincerely hope not) and they always do different stuff. You can even throw paper planes with your requests to them, and they always find time to fit them into the setlist. This might sound more harsh they I intend it to, but Coldplay doesn't show they are great musicians. They are great artists and performers, but "lack"the ability to surprise. Their is a great recording of them during their AROBTTH period (I think) where they play "spies". This shows how exceptional they are. (one night in paris recording). [thanks dedongel]


    While you can't base quality on fame,it's also not fair to judge it based on whether a band mixes up its setlist. As others and I have said, Coldplay's show is very complex and the lighting/XF etc. can't easily be changed for more than a few songs. Yes, I know that technology exists, but they way they do it now is easier. Not about who is better, just different approaches. And like I said already here, 10 years ago, we wouldn't be able to see all these great shows. I'm grateful no matter what they play. [thanks TracieMorgan]


    I agree with the people a few pages back commenting abbout the crowd. i watched the live stream and it seemed as though maybe 25% percent where actually into the songs and the rest were just standing there yet i must commend chris on continuenly trying to get them into each song. I thought it was a great performance but not as good as they were at T in the Park. [thanks connorb]


    Hi Guys, First post but I've been lurking on here for a while. Luckily I was one of the competition winners and actually went to the gig last night. I've read a lot of negative comments about the crowd being shit or whatever but I still had probably the best night of my life, I was about 2 rows from the front and literally made eye contact with the band it was simply amazing. The only problem was it was DAMN HOT in there and a few too many people had there phones out for my liking. All things considered it was the best gig I've ever been to! I'm guilty of taking a few photos myself, but they came out pretty awful as I took them on my blackberry. Let me know if you want me to upload them tho. Song highlight was God Put A Smile Upon Your Face but What I really liked most was the laser show during Every Tear Drop... because it sort of sparkled when Chris put his hands through the mist. If anyone has a HQ link for the full show I'd love to watch it back! [thanks Inside_a_Bubble]


    Little late, but: so happy they played Moving to Mars, that song is unbelievably beautiful and sounded fantastic live. ♥ I was secretly hoping Chris would have sung the first part one octave lower though, like on the EP. But yeah, he had kind of a tough (hot!) night, it wasn't a great crowd, it was a first time and he couldn't get the low notes during UATW either, so it was the right choice. But I just know he can do it. I know it. I keep getting surprised by their performance of Shiver lately, love it so much. Now I really can't decide on my favourite song anymore... Life's hard. [thanks Blue Nails]


    Something about Coldplay in an intimate setting just blows me away every time. I loved this concert today and it was really cool to get the "people who couldn't be here watching on the internet" shout out during Life is for Living. That made me smile. I really do adore this band. [thanks Piano Evan]


    Can't add a lot to the reviews posted already but I wanted to chime in with a few comments. This performance was terrific and I was so glad I ran home a little early to watch the stream. What jumped out at me: 1. How Chris Martin literally throws himself fully into his performance. Even if he is sick of playing the old songs like "The Scientist" we'd never know it. He gives "Yellow" the same depth of physical and psychic attention as he does the new songs. 2. How freaking hard Jonny Buckland works. Watch him; he completely leans into his guitar playing and produces majorly awesome guitar sounds. He's another one who puts himself fully into what he does. 3. How beautiful Will Champion's voice is. I don't know if he was a choirboy when he was a little boy but his vocals in "Us Against The World" were pure and stellar. 4. How busy Guy Berryman is during the gig. It was fun to watch him keeping the beat going with that bass, drumming, moving around, and of course singing more! And finally that jacket came off -- I was wondering if it ever would. In short, in my opinion, this is one of the hardest working bands in the music industry. They're wrapping up LP5 and still writing new material and giving us super shows like this one. Love 'em. [thanks JillyBlue]


    Fantastic show. My ears are still ringing! I was one behind the barrier at the gig. Such as fantastic sound and a great setlist. I'm so glad they played Moving To Mars, very magical moment. My only qualm was being at the front and left I was at the mercy of Jonny's (wonderful) but very loud guitar amps, so I couldn't really hear Chris all that clearly. Nevermind. I see alot of people saying the crowd were pretty dead. Well, considering I'd been there since about 4 o clock outside queuing, my feet were pretty gone, but I jumped and went for it! Compared to the Foo Fighters, the crowd were alot more tame. With regards to the Pierces. I think they have a great sound, but it's abit MOR for me. I'd have preferred a slightly more energetic band to get me more pumped for Coldplay. Also. It was SO HOT. [thanks TheFoxThatBecameGod]


    New photos of Coldplay - iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London, UK (22nd July, 2011):










    Photos courtesy of Neil Lupin @ Flickr


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