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    Coldplay Live Reviews, Photos and Setlist - Lollapalooza Festival, Chicago (5th August, 2011)

    Coldplay played the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago last night (5th August 2011) in the final festival appearance before they take a five week break from touring - and hopefully attention now turns to the announcement of their fifth album.


    The concert was streamed worldwide live across the internet on Lollapalooza's YouTube channel. The directing was excellent - far better than the previous streamed show at Splendour In The Grass. The setlist returned to the usual festival order with Shiver, Lost! and Violet Hill all returning since the last UCLA show. Once again, Chris Martin performed a cover of the late Amy Winehouse's Rehab immediately before Fix You during the encore. During the show, Violet Hill trended worldwide on Twitter, as it did during Glastonbury. Coldplay appeared to have more guitar troubles - several instruments were swapped mid-song, noteable Chris again threw his guitar away during God Put A Smile Upon Your Face.


    Some excellent photos have already been uploaded to Flickr by the LollapaloozaFest account - grab them in original definition now. If you are on YouTube you can rewatch the performance at Lollapalooza's channel via the link above - alternatively if you don't want to wait (we don't have the rebroadcast schedule) You can download, listen and watch again to the streamed recording of the performance via our Multimedia forum where the set has been uploaded in MP3 & MP4 (so far). More live discussion on this show is at the Coldplay Live forum (63 pages and counting - reviews start around page 60 onwards). Thanks to everyone who has contributed on the forums, Youtube and twitters. We'll have more on this show over the next few hours/days! [thanks iriden, adrian2425, hadoken_zero, U2ITNOL]


    20110805lolf1.pngSetlist confirmed):


    MX/Hurts Like Heaven


    In My Place

    Major Minus


    The Scientist


    Violet Hill

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

    Everything's Not Lost

    Us Against The World


    Viva la Vida

    Charlie Brown

    Life Is For Living



    Rehab (Amy Winehouse tribute)

    Fix You

    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


    Photo courtesy of LollapaloozaFest @ Flickr


    Just got back to my hotel in chicago. This was my 9th Coldplay show and the most amazing one I have ever seen!i waited at the stage all day to see them(along with alot of other coldplayers, so glad I got to meet alot of you!) The boys were on fire tonight and so happy, the crowd was fantastic. Will post pics and video when I get home next week can't believe I witnessed this amazing show!!! [thanks l0wxo2]


    Fantastic show! Wow! What a way to introduce their LP5 stuff to the USA. The crowd were amazing and huge, and full of life. The lighting was possibly the best it's been all season and the boys looked and sounded great. It's hard to believe they aren't seriously jet lagged and tired - but they sure as hell didn't show it! Highlights were Charlie Brown, I loved the fleshed out guitar riff with the keyboard layered over the top. The crowd were amazing during Viva La Vida and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall gave me shivers. Looks like it was a fantastic night for everyone! [thanks Kiame]

    They seemed to have a lot of guitar problems right? I feel like Hoppy was crawling around out there a lot and Chris threw his guitar several times... not to look "rock & roll" but because something was wrong with it. [thanks cold_love23]


    Wow that was amazing! This was so much better than my show in LA crowd-wise, and also Chris was a bit more interactive that in LA. I would probably have preferred to have been in Lollapalooza. Ah well...I had a fantastic time in my show as well. I liked the part in this show when Chris said "A band of brothers and a crowd like this" I thought the brothers part was sweet. [thanks iduran20]


    WOW! It's 4am here and I am still buzzing off ETIAW! They just keep getting better! Hats off to Jonny tonight though...he really stole the show imo! Loved Chris' energy as always..always so bubbly and enthusiastic. His voice sounded great tonight too! LOVE YOU COLDPLAY! Don't ever ever stop making music! [thanks LoversRunnersSoldiers]


    Greetings from Melbourne! Just checking in on this one. I watched the entire stream on YouTube - wow. What an improvement over the shocking camera work from Splendour.... The stream was great quality throughout.. near-flawless for me.. the audio mix was very very good, their performance was solid, and energetic. The crowd was great too... Fantastic! [thanks Dagavi]


    Jonny ROCKED it tonight. His guitar skills were MIND-BLOWING. Watching this made me have more respect for Jonny as a guitarist than before. The lights were really cool, and the crowd was pretty awesome. They sang along when Chris asked them to and they were full of energy. So were they guys. Chris hit all the notes perfectly tonight and even though he forgot some lyrics during Violet Hill, this performance was awesome. I love Charlie Brown, I think it's going to be a big hit. [thanks ShotsIntheSky]


    Great show. One of the best crowds they had so far, Viva and GPASUYF were great with the clapping and singing. Maybe one of Guy's loudest shows , but really good this way. R42, remember that ! And I think the symbols and lines on their shoes are somehow ultra-violet-reflecting, because after one song the stage was dark and you could see their lighting shoes. The only sad thing is that this was their last show in August, so we just wait for the next wonderful-dancy-singing-rocking-epic night only Coldplay can make happen. [thanks dreamorlife]


    What an amazing crowd, concert, performance. I almost wish I had dished out the $600 to fly out and attend, but after watching it on youtube, it had the same emotional impact minus the traffic jam and sore feet. =) For shnits and giggles and since this was my 3rd live streamed concert that I've watched, I took my laptop to my piano and played along with the concert from Life is For Living on. I will say, It's kind of cool to be playing along with Chris live and if you've got the chops (I'd like to think I do) and have all the songs memorized then it's quite a bit of fun. Pretty epic Friday night for not leaving the house. [thanks Piano Evan]


    I'd rate this concert 8.5/10. I know the boys gave their best tonight and that the set up was extraordinary... but I still missed the crazyness and energy Chris have us (or at least me) used to hear on his singing... something like he did on Splendour In The Grass show, plus there were lots of unexpected problems I believe than on Main Square Festival show, which was really a cause of concern for most of the crowd! Definately a set to have on your iPod! Another Coldplay performance that demonstrates that sounding insane and getting better each time they perform is part of Coldplay virtuosism! Keep up the great work Coldplay and it's team! [thanks Coldplero]


    What a difference a day makes. 48 hours ago I was in LA watching what seemed like a different band. Tonight the crowd was amazing, Chris was amped up, Jonny was on fire, and Guy was actually smiling?!? ...... Great energy from the boys tonight....and a very enthusiasts crowd. [thanks kspillers2]


    Back into the real world after Lollapalooza. What a show Coldplay turned in on Friday night! But first I must tell you what a wonderful experience it was meeting so many other Coldplayers. Several of us gathered for breakfast and then wandered up to the festival gates, where we were treated to a listen as Coldplay ran through their soundcheck! A few minutes later we were admitted and made the 500-yard dash to the barrier where we set up camp for the rest of the day. Was it worth nine hours in the sun, getting shoved around by some stoners, and minimal bathroom breaks? Absolutely. The guys were on fire and so was the crowd. Chris actually got a little emotional at the end of "Viva La Vida" as we kept the "Woh -oh -ohs" going. Guy was totally relaxed and smiling through most of the gig, and our little group up front made eye contact with him and with Chris at several points during the evening. Jonny completely tore up the guitar solo during GPASUYF - what a master at what he does! (Chris broke a string during that song and threw his guitar off to the side of the stage; Hoppy immediately provided him with another. And there, in the middle of a song, in the middle of singing, Chris said "Thanks" to his roadie.) Unfortunately I couldn't see Will much during the show since the stage was high and he was back a bit. I could only see him as he banged the bell during Viva and during "Us Against The World" which was performed directly in front of us. As one of our group said later, I was proud to be part of this crowd and the guys really appreciated us. "We care about each and every one of you," Chris said, and I believe him. They gave us their all on Friday night and we gave back. It doesn't get better than that. Thanks to all the Coldplayers who shared the day with me on Friday. And thanks to Coldplay, the best band in the whole world. [thanks JillyBlue]


    More reviews to follow....!


    New photos of Coldplay - Lollapalooza Festival, Chicago, IL (5th August, 2011):




















    Photos courtesy of LollapaloozaFest @ Flickr


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