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    Coldplay Live Reviews, Photos and Setlist - Much Music, Toronto (21st September 2011)

    On a day when rock enthusiasts were mourning the loss of R.E.M, Coldplay proved there are still groups out there carrying the torch. The quartet performed a 14-song, 65-minute free show in Toronto Wednesday evening (Sept. 21) – broadcast live in Canada on MuchMusic and in the U.S. on Fuse TV -- supporting their forthcoming 'Mylo Xyloto' album before thousands of fans. And while all braved inclement weather, the skies cleared for the show, which was split evenly between older albums and the upcoming one. "Well good evening everybody," Martin said, thanking fans for putting up with the rain and adding that -- given their traditional English insecurity -- they expected three people to show up in the parking lot adjacent to MuchMusic headquarters. Just a wee bit more than that turned up, Chris! [via Spinner]


    The setlist included most of the new songs from the Mylo Xyloto era, and Us Against The World closed out the set as the encore. Some excellent photos of the soundcheck are available via the INFDaily. If you are online today you can rewatch the performance at muchmusic.com/coldplay - alternatively you will be able to download, listen and watch again to the streamed recording of the performance via our Multimedia forum where the set will be uploaded in various formats soon - keep an eye out.


    More live discussion on this show is at the Coldplay Live forum (32 pages and counting - reviews start around page 30 onwards). Thanks to everyone who has contributed on the forums, Youtube and twitters. We'll have more on this show over the next few hours/days!


    20110921inf8.pngSetlist (confirmed): [thanks jonbenar]


    MX/Hurts Like Heaven


    In My Place

    Major Minus


    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

    Viva la Vida

    Charlie Brown

    The Scientist


    Rehab (Amy Winehouse tribute)

    Fix You

    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


    Us Against The World


    Photo courtesy of INFDaily website


    Great concert, contrary to what people said about the crowd not being into it, I would disagree, I don't think the taping did any justice. I was pleasantly surprised at to how many people knew all of the lyrics to their new stuff, and everyone at the front was really getting into it. I really felt that this was a true Coldplay concert in the sense that we waited outside in the rain, like the die-hard fans we are, all day just to see them perform for an hour. The weather was horrendous all day, then stopped raining right before the concert. I don't know if anyone saw the performance at Letterman, but that was a horrible crowd. It wasn't until the end where they really started getting into it. The boys seemed like they were having a great time, really getting into it. Their new stuff really is amazing live, especially Charlie Brown. I didn't realize how amazing the fireworks were until seeing it live. Definitely is a nice addition to the show. I was fortunate enough to get a setlist, and they had Violet Hill on it, but they didn't end up playing it. Which I found to be a little strange, especially because they were playing it at the soundcheck. Glad to meet anyone who was there today and waited all day, can't wait to see you guys again! [thanks jonbenar]

    Don't really care what anyone else says i was there, front row and loved every second of it!! i video's all of uatw anticipating that it wouldn't get taped so ill try and add it at some point!! truly a great night!! <3 BED TIME THOUGH! [thanks secretspy]


    Well to put it simply - The show was amazing! My friend and I were a couple people back from the stage and it was awesome! The rain made for an interesting 3hr wait, haha but I love rain so it was good fun! I must say though, a little disappointed with some people in the crowd tonight - Umbrellas in my face during the wait when we were told not to bring them, and constantly being hit by large bags/backpacks (other items no one should have brought into the lot). And the guy behind me definitely ruined a good chunk of the show for me... Screaming the lyrics to every song (even the slow ones) and making guitar noises, etc. with his mouth all completely out of key and to the point where I could hear him more than Chris sometimes, and then he constantly commented on every single thing. I understand we are all excited but I thought that was just rude. Aside from some people, was a solid night... I love photography and usually have my camera out taking pics through concerts but I left it in my bag the whole time, and took a couple with my friend's cam then we put away. We decided just to enjoy the show and super glad we did! Tried watching the video up on the Much website but ready to pass out! So very glad I sit in a chair all day at work tmrw - I can barely feel my feet! Hope everyone else who was there had a great time! [thanks green_eyes11]


    Just got back from the show. I was dead center about 7 or 8 feet from the stage. I agree that the crowd wasnt the greatest but I also noticed it was a lot of young people(15-16 year olds) in the area I was standing in. Just talking to people and over hearing it was many peoples first coldplay concert. I thought it was a good show, nice touch with the fireworks. For a free show (and free food!) im not complaining at all! [thanks Suhayb217]


    It was an amazing show! To the wolfpack ( you know who you are ) that was truly awesome, my camera is pretty crappy but I'll try to get some pics up, got a few nice ones. I am so glad the rain let up for the show, it was kinda crazy there for a while. At least now I know, do not wear sandals when there is the chance of major rain showers. And to aunie, thank you so much , that was so nice. I hope you and your sister got to see at least some of the concert. So going to watch the replay at 1 am on Much! [thanks PlayAMessage]


    The show was amazing! I was there before the soundcheck then after they moved us all to the opposite side of the street I left to buy a hat because I was getting soaked. I came back and waited around for about 2 hours and something said to me ask the security guard about wristbands. I asked if this is where the wristbanders were *just to be safe* thats when he said they are already inside these people don't have wristbands... WTFFF this whole time I waited thinking those were Rogers people. I was annoyed as you could imagine..the people in front of me were saying I wonder what song they will play first. Being a pretty big fan and seeing all the live streams and whatnot I knew it it was Hurts Like Heaven. It was really annoying to be at the very back infront of the cameras. I lived. I figured that might have happened to others and they might not have made it inside at all. also on a side note I met Liam Gallagher right around the corner hours earlier. I came back and the show recorded and it was an amazing day so i'm still happy. Glad everyone enjoyed the show! One last thing being at the very back alot of people were jumping for Charlie Brown. The crowd was loving it and from those over head shots I saw after there was a hell of alot of people. [thanks coldplayfan24]


    New photos of Coldplay @ Much Music, Toronto (21st September, 2011):














    Photos courtesy of INFDaily website



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