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    Coldplay Live Reviews, Photos and Setlist - Radio 1 Student Tour, UEA, Norwich (27th October 2011)

    Coldplay have played tracks from their new album Mylo Xyloto for the first time in the UK since its release, at the University of East Anglia in Norwich last night (27th October 2011). They performed a 75-minute set in front of 1,500 fans at Norwich's East Anglia University - most of which was streamed live on Radio 1 around the world. The gig was the first time Coldplay had returned to play the student union venue in 11 years. Speaking to Radio 1's Newsbeat before performing, Chris Martin said: "We just did a soundcheck and there were more people there than the first time we played here properly. So that was encouraging."


    Interrupting a pre-gig game of football in their dressing room, Chris said: "The last time we played here was on the NME tour in 2000. Nobody really watched, which was probably as well as we weren't very good." Mylo Xyloto is likely to set the largest first week sales so far this year. But Chris said: "I asked this time not to really know [about the sales] because it's too easy to get caught up in that stuff and forget you just love being in a band."


    Coldplay's website once again live blogged superbly throughout the evening and you can read all the photoblog discussions including your views on the latest pictures, interviews, videos and updates at the Coldplay forum now. More live discussion on this show is at the Coldplay Live forum (reviews start around page 95 onwards). Keep an eye on the Multimedia forum at the messageboard for downloads of the transmission (some links already available). Thanks to everyone who has contributed on the forums, Youtube and twitters. We'll have more on this show over the next few hours/days!


    20111027rad4.jpgSetlist (confirmed):


    Mylo Xyloto

    Hurts Like Heaven


    In My Place

    Major Minus

    The Scientist

    Violet Hill

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face


    Up In Flames

    Viva La Vida

    Charlie Brown


    Fix You (Amy Winehouse - Rehab cover intro)


    Green Eyes (not aired on R1)

    Shiver (not aired on R1)

    Us Against The World (not aired on R1)


    Photo courtesy of BBC Radio 1


    At 8 o’clock,Zane presented Coldplay and the Back to the Future theme came on and they walked on stage. The set list was brilliant. Although we didn’t have Life is for living or Politik (which is my personal favourite), we did get quite a special treat. In the main setlist we had Paradise and Up in flames which was absolutely beautiful. After ETIAW, Chris came back on stage and told us that the official air-time was over so we could now swear. He counted 1-2-3 and we had to swear which was really funny and then he said: ‘Great but let’s try with sg worse’ and counted again we shouted and then laughed. The rest of the band came back on and they started singing Green eyes which was AMAZING!! Then they started Parachutes which turned into Shiver and Chris said: “This is a very special song. We wrote that in Jonny’s bedroom.” Of course that put us into a fangirl mode and we screamed. He started laughing and Jonny kissed him on the cheek which made us scream even louder. That was the cutest moment of the whole gig!(*sorry for being such a fangirl). Finally, UATW came on which made me end up in tears and that gives a feeling how great that concert was as I’m really not the crying type, I very rarely cry but that night made me so emotional. I was incredibly happy and grateful that I could be there. That was the best night ever, most incredible gig I’ve ever been to, I will never forget it. When the concert was over I even managed to get an MX guitar pick from Matt <3 and Anna has got a setlist. [thanks **Laura** - read more]


    My Mum won a competition on Wednesday night for the UEA show on Thursday. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out... especially as the majority of the fans had queued up for 2 nights the week before in order to make sure they got tickets! I was stunned and couldn't sleep all night... I am an absolutely massive Coldplay fan (as are all of you) so it truly felt like Christmas Eve! We were told our names would be on the guestlist, so as we arrived to collect our tickets we explained that we had won a competition. The man at the door said 'Sorry, you've missed that competition. It was for this mornings acoustic session, not this evening'. My heart completely sank and I felt really shaky - we'd driven for over 2 and a half hours to get there! We asked them to check again, as we knew that we'd won a competition for the evening. After a bit of waiting around, the man at the door realised that he'd been thinking of the wrong competition, checked our names and we were given our lovely blue Coldplay wristbands! It was the biggest relief, and after that, we were completely elated, as after being told that we wouldn't get the tickets - we did! We then started queuing in the rain at around 5pm, to get in for when the doors opened for 6pm. Everyone was in high spirits singing along to Viva La Vida's classic 'oooo-ooooo's. A camera crew were there with a presenter saying 'Coldplay have come to Norwich!' which was then followed by lots of cheers from the crowd. While waiting in the queue, I was listening to some girls chatting in front of me (as you do...) and one girl was excitedly showing the others her picture of Chris Martin from earlier in the day as well as her autographs from the band. She had then asked the band 'Can you please play Green Eyes tonight?' and Chris said 'Yes sure we will'. I was a bit gutted that I hadn't waited around earlier to try and get some autographs and request a song from the band after hearing that! [thanks rnel16 - read more]

    Hoooly shit, best day ever! Phil Harvey remembers my name *fangirl*. I'll write up a story once I've gotten some sleep and will also upload pictures and oh man, my epic IMP vid, I love it haha. Also filmed Green Eyes, haven't watched it yet but should be good cos my camera takes really good videos! Such a fucking incredible day! My elephant hat is just hanging on the door now, sad sight :( [thanks johkujii]


    So, Anna (AnnaElisabeth), Jo (johkujii) and I set off for Norwich early on Wednesday as we planned to queue v.early on the day of the gig (hey these students proved themselves to be crazy with the 48 hour queuing just for tickets) and met the lovely Chelsea (ApproximatelyInfinate) there. After checking into our weird, yet awesome hotel (no reception which was great since there were 5 of us bunking in a room for two ) we headed to UEA to check the situation. Chelsea (who is a UEA alumni) took us to the LCR and showed us all the possible entrances and likely queuing places, there were a lot which worried us, but we decided we’d just get there the next day early enough to be able to scope the scene first. Next she showed us the room Coldplay would be playing in, which was SO small The barrier was also insanely close to the stage. Excited squees ensued... At around 11am three blacked out vans appeared signaling the arrival of the band, by this point the lovely Laura (**Laura**) and Chelsesa had joined us. We just watched and waved from afar as Jonny and Guy clambered out, however as soon as Chris came into view everyone else in the queue screamed his name. Surprisingly (since he looked so very tired and they were late for the Live Lounge soundcheck) he came over. Immediately everyone started making demands of him. We opened our mouths to greet him since he was standing in front of us, only to have someone nearby shove a camera in his face and demand a picture without so much of a “hi, nice to meet you” And on it went like that for the duration of his stay. Without going into too much detail Chris told everyone that the gig would be slightly shorter than planned thanks to a personal issue (I know there’s rumours floating around but I’m not going to repeat what he said, sorry) however instead of people backing off as you would expect they continued undeterred, barking demands for autographs and pictures. It left a pretty sour taste in our mouths to be honest I know the biggest band in the world walking around a university campus is a very very rare occurrence, however I kinda think that doesn’t mean people should forget how to be respectful. [thanks Mimixxx - read more - Part 1 Part 2]


    More Coldplayer reviews to follow...


    New photos of Coldplay @ R1 Student Tour concert, University of East Anglia (27th October 2011):




















    Photos courtesy of BBC Radio 1


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