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    Coldplay @ Lollapalooza preview: live worldwide stream via YouTube, chatroom, confetti banned

    lollapalooza.jpgWhen Coldplay take the stage this Friday to headline opening night for Lollapalooza 2011 the world will be watching. YouTube will stream Coldplay's headline set beginning at approximately 9.30pm (ET), which is 8.30pm (CDT). Catch all the latest discussion and previews to the concert at the Coldplay Live forum now (includes real-time chatroom embedded into first post!). Here's Anchorman with the details:


    On Friday night this week (Aug 5th), Coldplay will headline Lollapalooza festival in Chicago's Grant Park. We're very pleased to report that the show will stream live worldwide on YouTube*. The webcast can be seen at www.youtube.com/lollapalooza at approximately 8:30pm CT / 6:30pm PT / 2.30am UK time (click here to find out what time it is where you are). Highlights of the show will also be available afterwards. *Apart from Germany. Sorry Germany (not our decision).


    When VH1 and Palladia presented a telecast of Coldplay's Glastonbury performance earlier this summer, it was the first time in the history of the festival a band's entire set had been televised in the US. Coldplay received high praise from the UK press for the quality of their show - tonight should be no different. "For those of us who can't make it — we have YouTube," said Lolla founder Perry Farrell in a statement to the Associated Press. "Be a voyeur to this year's Lollapalooza. Watch as musicians offer their souls and the crowd devours them. You just may forget that you aren't really there."

    The stream begins 1:30pm PT on Friday Aug 5, and runs through Sunday. The sold-out three-day music festival was getting final touches to its set up and kicks off Thursday night with a charity gala. Crews have been busy this week, working into the night to get everything ready. The 20th annual music festival opens to the public Friday. It’s Lolla’s seventh year in Chicago and the biggest event yet.


    The sold-out festival is expected to draw about 270,000 people to Grant Park over its three-day run. "I've been to festivals all around the world, the accommodations are not so good, but in this case, it's laid out so nicely. It's a beautiful city and that skyline is very special." Lollapalooza Founder Perry Farrell said. This year's headliners include Eminem, the Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Muse and Cee Lo Green. Several streets around Grant Park have been shut down for the weekend. Thursday night, Galapalooza will be a special charity event, and all proceeds will go to Park District programs. Lollapalooza’s arrival this year has not been without some controversy. The mayor's office told WBEZ that the city will review why the music festival has been exempt on paying amusement taxes for seven years. Being tax exempt this year alone is an estimated tax giveaway of more than $1 million.


    A report earlier this week revealed Mayor Richard M. Daley's nephew Mark Vanecko helped negotiate the contract, which is renewed annually. Vanecko represente a company called "C3 Presents, which promotes and co-owns Lollapalooza. The other owner is William Morris Endeavor, the talent agency run by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's brother Ari.


    Meanwhile, as we tweeted yesterday, there will be no confetti for Coldplay's show, that is according to the Chicago Tribune, who wrote an article on the effects used in Coldplay's show. They said that the city of Chicago will "not allow the mess" that the confetti causes. Read the full article at the Coldplay Live forum now. Here is an exerpt of the article:


    One of the company's longest collaborations has been with Coldplay, which headlines Lollapalooza Friday in Grant Park. The guys from Strictly FX will be behind the scenes, per usual, setting off fireworks and lasers for a show they helped design. "All bands want their audiences to walk out saying, 'That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen,'" Grega said. "The first thing people ask is, 'What's the newest thing?' That's all anybody wants." Lasers will play a big role at Friday's show. Fog machines are necessary in order to make the lasers more visible in the air, and during a preview at Strictly FX's offices the fog added to the overall effect: the combination of the laser's flat beam of light and the swirling fog overhead looked like liquid wallpaper. (By law lasers must be kept 9 feet above the floor or ground, to prevent eye injuries.) Sometimes the pressure to create a spectacle can lead to softer, more whimsical moments, such as the "butterfly" confetti that became a trademark of Coldplay's previous tour. It required 30 confetti machines (compared with the standard two or three) in order to completely douse the venue each night. (There will be no confetti at Friday's outdoor show, however; the city of Chicago will not allow the mess.)


    Related article: Lollapalooza schedule pits Coldplay vs. Muse on August 5th



    Catch all the action on Lollapalooza's live stream, hosted by YouTube



    Workers on Thursday hoist a balloon with 8,000 watts of light inside, which will be used at night for Lollapalooza in Grant Park.



    You won't be seeing this stuff during Coldplay's set, if you believe the Chicago Tribune


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