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    Coldplay Messenger Sparks Rush For 'Death Will Never Conquer' Download

    headphones.jpgThe new edition of the Coldplay Messenger has sparked a rush for a download of Coldplay's free track, Death Will Never Conquer, over a month after it was first made available, Coldplaying can reveal.


    Here's what Coldplay said in their messenger:


    If you haven't dropped in on Coldplay.com lately, you won't know that we've been giving away a free MP3 of an exclusive Coldplay track called Death Will Never Conquer, which is unavailable anywhere else. The band have played the song throughout the first leg of the Viva La Vida tour, so if you're going along to a show in Europe, went to one in North America, or just fancy hearing a new Coldplay song for free, then click here to download it.


    And here's just some of the responses seen on the internet this past week, from top sources such as Q Music, NME, Filter and In Game Network:


    Coldplay Offer Up New Single

    Coldplay free song giveaway!

    Coldplay For Free? You Betcha.

    Coldplay give away free song

    Coldplay Release New Download Song

    Coldplay Release New Song As Free Download

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