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    Coldplay News Round-up: 22 March 2008

    Rolling Stone have summarised their Coldplay reports today. Here's what they told us:


    Coldplay revealed to us that the title of their new album was Viva la Vida, which you all found to be amusing. Chris Martin and Co. later changed the album title to Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends, which you all still found to be amusing. We also went inside the studio with the band to hear and preview their opus.


    Amazon have updated their product page for Coldplay's new album. You can pre-order the CD by clicking hereir?t=coldplayingco-21&l=as2&o=2&a=B0013K.


    NME reports that Coldplay's Chris Martin admits he's useless at naming things... they report, "Following yesterday's announcement that Coldplay's new album will be called 'Viva la Vida', Chris Martin has admitted there's always fuss about him naming things. He said: "I've been through this before, naming something or someone and everyone saying 'That's a terrible name.'"


    Meanwhile, Mick Jagger reckons Coldplay has Rolling Stone longevity. When asked if any other bands will keep going like the Rolling Stones have, he said, "No-one has done what we do. Maybe U2 will keep going. Coldplay possibly. I’d never say how long we’ll keep going. It’s not going to be forever. All things must come to an end, that’s just a universal truth."


    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown claims to own an iPod - and even listens to Coldplay, U2, Leona Lewis, with Bach and Mozart thrown in for good measure.


    Finally, check out the BBC’s uninspired’ Coldplay quiz. The BBC have just uploaded this quiz on their website The first question is about Coldplay, but when you clicked the correct answer [Frida Kahlo], it tells you you’re wrong… they have fixed it now.



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