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    Coldplay news round-up: Gwyneth Paltrow, Japan video & photoshoot, Lego Viva la Vida, fake websites

    MyloCode1_1.jpgGwyneth Paltrow has joked that even she cannot get an advance copy of the new Coldplay album. Despite being married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, the Iron Man actress confessed that she has yet to listen to the band's latest material. "Who do I have to bang to get an advance copy of the new @coldplay album? I mean, really," Paltrow tweeted on 29th July. You can actually discuss this tweet in the Gwyneth thread on the messageboard now and see a screenshot of the tweet after the jump [thanks anniea89]


    Coldplay's appearance at the Fuji Rock Festival on 29th July passed with very little interest online, we have hardly any decent photos, no reviewers and just a scan of a setlist (which we can't actually confirm was played) so we haven't written a review article of it. According to the setlist both Shiver and Everything's Not Lost were taken out of the running. The only decent video of the performance on YouTube is for Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. However, while the band were in Tokyo they did do a little 13 second video for the people of Japan just before travelling to the festival - you can watch the video here at the Coldplay forum now. Not only that, we managed to get a photo of Coldplay at a photoshoot in Japan - click here to see the full sized image. We'll tweet any Fuji Rock pictures or reviews that come our way. [thanks coldplay12]

    Anticipation is building towards the announcement of Coldplay's fifth album, the tracklist and all that goes with it. So much so, that there has been a spate of fake websites and LP5 tracklists hitting the internet recently. One website that was identified as a fake almost straight away was a domain name registered with the name Mylo Xylobrytes which showed a huge MX and a clip of music. Now - it links to a ticketometer for a Coldplay tribute band clearly out to make a bit of cash of the furore. They even went to the trouble of making a Quick Response Code (QR Code) for the domain. You can see that below. The tracklist that was posted on YouTube is also a fake. At least they got ETIAW right...


    There is a superb Lego animation video of Viva la Vida now available to view online, after two years in the making.. we urge you to watch it now at the Coldplay forum. One of the best videos we've ever seen made and in extremely high detail. It took lots of late nights to make the video apparently... [thanks jbarry5503 & NXTManiac]



    Coldplay photoshoot for a new song called Car Kids?



    QR Code for the fake Mylo Xylobrytes website, saying: "Weird picture that fell out of a Colplay (sic) record. any ideas as to what it is?"



    Gwyneth Paltrow can't get hold of a copy of the new Coldplay album either, it seems



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