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    Coldplay news round-up: Lindsay Lohan snubbed, Avril Lavigne attacked during Fix You, MX Tour poll

    2431040212_b700f3270d_s.jpgLindsay Lohan really does believe her own hype. And by that I mean the hype she must create in her own strange mind, since the rest of us aren't impressed by any of her antics, that is according to the website Handbag, over the weekend. This week she rocked up to the UCLA Coldplay show expecting all the perks her fame should allow her. Sadly, the people in charge of the guestlist had other ideas. Aka, wanting the people backstage to actually have a good time, and not letting her in the VIP area. Here's the jist of The Sun's story, where the original news broke:


    Lindsay Lohan reportedly "threw a fit" when she was refused a backstage pass at Coldplay's concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday (3rd August). The 'Mean Girls' star had been given prime seats for the show from Chris Martin but after the gig - which she attended with her sister Ali - she wasn't allowed to hang out with the band.


    A source told The Sun newspaper: "When Lindsay was told she wasn't allowed backstage because her pass didn't allow it, she threw a complete fit. She protested to the people running the guest list, hoping they'd change their minds but it was still a firm 'no'. She got even more angry when she found out fellow actress Kate Bosworth was there mingling with Chris' wife Gwyneth Paltrow and the band. In the end she got so fed up, she stormed out."

    British actress Kate was at the concert at the UCLA Tennis Center with her new boyfriend Michael Polish, and is said to have been friends with Coldplay - since their early career. Earlier in the evening, Lindsay - who was recent released from house arrest, served in lieu of jail time for taking a necklace from a boutique and violating the terms of probation set for her 2007 conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) - had tweeted to say she was having a great time watching Coldplay. She wrote: "I love Coldplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W/my sis :) (sic)."


    Maybe if you actually DO SOMETHING for your fame, besides getting arrested, you'll be allowed back into the fold, eh LiLo?


    Meanwhile in South America, Avril Lavigne, the Canadian pop singer currently performing on her 'Black Star' tour, was attacked by a fan whilst performing a Coldplay cover during a recent concert in Brazil, according to Contact Music. The singer launched into a rendition of Coldplay's 'Fix You' when an individual leapt onto the stage and ran towards her, reports the New York Daily News.


    From the hazy video footage, it is not clear whether the suspect was male or female, but they were tackled by security staff before reaching the singer. The incident drew an audible scream from Avril, who attempted to jump from the piano she was perched on in order to escape. After the attacker had been detained, Lavigne made light of the situation, telling the audience, "Just getting in the moment there. Okay, let's try that again".


    No Avril, let's not. Someone's trying to tell you something...


    A couple of days ago, we reported the possibility of a European Coldplay tour at the end of December 2011 into the first few months of 2012. We set up a poll to see what you thought of the schedule, headed the MX Tour. In the first few hours we received over 110 votes, and 53% of you think the schedule is real, 47% saying it was fake.


    Of course, we won't know until some kind of official announcement is made, but our tour-informant responded again to the furore by saying: "I have just realised that my post has stirred quite a lot of things up. So, this is just to clarify that the tour dates are all absolutely UNCONFIRMED at the moment!!! But it's also not a hoax. Can't say more at the moment. We will have to wait a couple of weeks until the official announcement of the tour."


    You can add to the poll with your vote here and also let us know your comments at the Coldplay Live forum now.




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