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    Coldplay: 'No new material at summer festivals'

    festival.jpgColdplay won't play any new material at their summer headline festival slots, reports are suggesting today. The band are booked to headline 15 major events including Glastonbury and T In The Park, but it’s all come too soon to promote their long-awaited fifth album. You can discuss this latest news now at the Coldplay forum [thanks coldplayisawesome]


    Coldplay, who are due to put out their long-awaited fifth studio album later this year, are said to be holding off on performing any new material until the record's release in autumn. "There definitely won't be anything new before Glastonbury and their summer dates," a source told the Daily Star.


    As we reported two weeks ago, Parlophone president Miles Leonard also confirmed that the label is gearing up to release the record "towards the autumn".

    Below are some of your latest comments...


    If I'm honest, if Coldplay were doing their own shows in the summer (like Kings of Leon did) I would expect some new material. However festivals anyway are places to exhibit the 'best of' back catalogue-- so playing new material doesn't fit that mould. All I want is the album if I'm honest. I was hoping for it to be my summer anthem-- I guess it will have to be my autumn album now (I don't know how to handle it... They've always released albums around my birthday before). [thanks Nattatouille]


    I really can't foresee them playing more than a couple new songs, anyway. If your entire audience is unfamiliar with much of your material, they won't be into your show very much. I remember they played "Glass of Water" a few times before PM's release, but that was just one new song, which was perfectly okay in my mind since it doesn't break up the flow or audience connection too much. Say what you want about Coldplay playing a bunch of AROBTTH before its release, but that was before Coldplay really had a large and established backlog of material. But at the same time, I would hope that they don't merely repeat the Viva setlists. Tracks like Trouble and Shiver were played again at the intimate December gigs, and they can probably incorporate some other oldies that were dropped during the Viva tour (all of which would make me insanely jealous of everyone there, of course). As for the Oracle reaffirming the pushed-back release, I sort of accepted this earlier with locust's post, but I guess this is another nudge for those who were holding out on more official word. I think what some of you guys are upset about is the fact that we've gotten so many different answers on when the thing will finally be released, even from the band members themselves, that it's become a huge tease game. That's perfectly understandable to maybe be a little frustrated about, but with the band coming out of the woodwork for these festivals, at least you know they're not just dawdling around. It takes a bit for bands to get "back in the swing" of touring, anyway, so hopefully their performance can be in tip-top shape once they're ready to debut the new material live (though I'm sure the festivals will still be quite dandy with the old material, too!). [thanks Corkus]


    If this is true, I will be extremely dissapointed and saddened. That would just be the lamest move of their career so far. [thanks a2iel]


    Are you kidding me about the fact they are going to play only old material (again)? C'mon man, I want to some new stuff.... If this is for real than I guess that we can expect a very boring setlist only to their biggest hits like clocks, fix you, viva etc..... AGAIN. [thanks AerodynamiX]


    ...If the album's as far from being completed as it sounds, they wouldn't mix it in March. If they mixed it so soon, it would almost definitely be out around May, and she said it wouldn't be. I think we kind of have to take her word for it, since it's official, and stop trying to find loopholes. Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything! [thanks ApproximatelyInfinite]


    Jay-Z better not be on this new album. [thanks Coldplay3277]


    Or Gwyneth for that matter. [thanks woohoo37]


    With Tim Wheeler in the studio and such a few weeks ago it was clear the album was certainly not finished. 90% sure it's a late September/October release date. They'll have recording finished in June and then mixing of the album throughout the summer while Coldplay are on the road across the European festivals to be released in probably October. Much prefer an October release date than a May/June one. [thanks howyousawtheworld]



    Recent pictures of Coldplay with fans at the Beehive (31st January - 3rd February 2011): [thanks to bRITAnka & fauo_1995]














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