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    Coldplay-penned Natalie Imbruglia album 'Come To Life' flops after poor sales

    natalieimbruglia.jpgNatalie Imbruglia's latest album "Come To Life" has flopped, peaking at number 67 on the ARIA music charts, selling a meager 750 copies in its first week. The album features three co-writes with Coldplay, tracks called Lukas, Fun and Want. More discussion on the album flop is at the Coldplay forum here onwards.


    In February 2009, The Sun claimed that Imbruglia was collaborating with Coldplay. It was later confirmed by Chris Martin himself and people involved in the recording process that he had worked with Imbruglia on a "string of tracks". The song "Lukas", produced by Brian Eno and Rik Simpson, has been confirmed to be left-off from Coldplay's recording session for the album "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends".


    In a March 2009 interview, Chris Martin regretted letting the song go, although at the time of the interview Coldplay fans didn't know which track he was referring to. "A bit annoyingly we've given Natalie the best Coldplay song of all time," he said. "Half of me wishes we still had it. But she sounds brilliant on it."

    Natalie Imbruglia had previously joked that collaborating with Chris Martin was hard work. 'When I worked with Chris Martin he was very honest and brutal with me,' Natalie, 34, tells NME. 'He helped me with my tracklisting and we got rid of riff-raff. Sometimes we agreed, sometimes we disagreed... the hard bit is him saying which songs he doesn't like, but it's refreshing to have someone of that calibre with you. So yes - I had a semi-nervous breakdown.'


    Imbruglia is now taking time to re-evaluate life, saying you need the hide of a rhinoceros to work in the music industry, The Sunday Telegraph has reported. "I'm deciding how I feel. It's breathing space to figure out how I'll continue - or if I will continue. Oops! Did that slip out?'' said Imbruglia, who is now based in London. "We will see. I've put everything on hold to do this show. I'll take time out to figure it out. It's really hard out there, there's not as much money in the industry. They don't want to pay for campaigns. There have definitely been frustrations trying to put records out and do it the way I want."


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