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    Coldplay Perform 'All I Can Think About is You' in Tokyo

    "I want something just like THIS!" By all indication, the highly anticipated Kaleidoscope EP is shaping up to be worth the wait. Coldplay unveiled their latest track, 'All I Can Think About is You' in a surprise performance at the Tokyo Dome on April 19th. Chris also mentioned that the band recorded the Tokyo Dome show and will release it as a Live Album soon!



    We got a hint of its hauntingly beautiful melody from Chris's soundcheck in Taipei, Taiwan on April 11th. Now the full version is generating comparisons to early Coldplay and Radiohead. Unleashing the bassline, drums, Johnny's standout solo, and Chris's piano, it nearly refuses to be typecast by era.  Fans see traces of it across AROBTTH, Ghost Stories, X & Y and Viva eras with most comparing it to Atlas, Moving to Mars and Clocks.

    A Shift in Direction?

    What is certain is that All I Can Think About is You, signals the return of more traditional, melancholy Coldplay. Perhaps Will and Johnny foretold a shift in direction to their music in an interview with Dudesweet in Thailand. As translated by Coldplayer TH on Twitter, Guy speaks of their interest in "making music that has an acoustic sound to it and can be used for playing live".  Guy contrasted that to Parachutes by saying "it (the music) might sound more simple and it won't have (a) pop sound[ing] to it." and "maybe we'll be trying something like this soon". So it is no reach to see why the Kaleidoscope lineup appears to take a sharp turn from A Head Full of Dreams.


    If the live emergent tracks from Kaleidoscope,  including the Coldplay-only version of Something Just Like This is an indication that future sound is already here. Now if only the soundcheck version of what appears to be ALIENS (with Brian Eno!) goes onstage soon, we may be seeing a new, more acoustic side of Coldplay that we haven't seen in a while. Most noteworthy is that fans hope what they hear live drums from Will come through on the studio EP, not drowned in synth. For those lucky enough to witness the first live performance of what appear destined to become new classics, June 2nd may come even sooner. It certainly did for those in the Toyko Dome on April 19th!

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