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    Coldplay perform Christmas Lights on Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London (pictures, reviews)

    small_lights.gifColdplay topped the bill for this year's Christmas Top Of The Pops with a one-off performance of their festive single, Christmas Lights, and will be seen when the show returns to BBC One on December 25.


    The BBC audience included Coldplayers from the forum who were lucky enough not only to get tickets but to listen to Coldplay performing Christmas Lights four times. Here are some of their reviews...


    They were great! Chris gave someone (from here I think) a flower and someone else got a plectrum from Mr Buckland. It was brilliant to see the boys so close and Chris was just chatting with the crowd and stuff. Chris sang live but the rest of the boys mimed. It was a great day tho and a brilliant experience! I forgot to mention there were snow cannons and some of the stuff from the video (piano, gramophone, etc.). They also wore the clothes from the video and Chris introduced Phil saying something like "this is Phil, he's in charge of our band. He's the fifth member of Coldplay" (Phil was one of the Elvis's). [thanks Dan 6N]

    Just got back home from my afternoon at the BBC. Its well worth it, had a good chat to Phil before he got up on stage as on eof the violin playing Elvis's. I had the three Elvis's infront of me!!! As the band came of stage I shook hands with Chris and Johny!! Overall it was a good day. Plus we got to hear Christmas Lights live 4 times. Chris seemed in good spirits this afternoon!!Cracked a few jokes with us all! Im looking forward to Liverpool after todays little performance! The queue was over 300 people, some got turned away apparantly, but I thinks everyone from the forum managed to get in. [thanks Kris.W]


    This was a really good experience - much better than the night on the Thames for me. I really enjoyed being able to see the band up and close (a first time for me), and they also seemed in very good spirits. It was a lot of fun. Chris continued to make me feel he could moonlight as a stand-up comedian. What he told everyone about the boat cruise was hilarious - something to the effect of, "lots of drugs. just a massive orgy. some of the spice girls showed up as well". I nearly died laughing. Everyone else in the band looked good. Jonny and Will seemed in good spirits. Guy seemed like himself - haha. I'm so glad I was able to make it (or rather chose to miss lecture to make it...). [thanks footyfan10]


    Had such a great day after such an early start. We left home at 6:30 and got to the BBC at 8:15, no idea why we got there so early but we were fortunate to be first in the queue (numbers 1 and 2). Which mean't we were first into the studio and we got a spot right at the front; directly infront of Chris. We had our Christmas Lights Glowing and our Sparkly Trees on our heads; When the band came on stage everyone went crazy; Chris asked if anyone was in the video - I spoke up and said I was he then said it was good fun with lots of drugs and some of the spice girls, they then began to sing the song...but OMG he was right in front of me, less than 2 feet away. I have been fortunate to meet him in person before; but nothing can beat being that close to him and watching him perform, just mesmerising. Had a total awesome fangirl moment, Chris asked me if his collar on his shirt was straight; I said its a little up, he then bent down and asked me to straighten it for him, which I gladly did. Had so much fun being right there; singing away and dancing to the song; but i'm dreading seeing myself on camera on Christmas Day. I got a little annoyed when people kept asking for things; especially Will's drum sticks even before they began to shot the performance, I felt like saying "well how is he mean't to play the drums without them." I just don't get people, we got to see them upclose for free, what more could people possible need other than that....or is that just me?? [thanks piggy]


    I always said Chris has a second career as a stand-up comic, I always find him hilarious anyway. Did u hear what one of the old bags coming in to see Question of Sport said of us as we were all waiting for our coats? "Here are the unemployed... or they're in property". yeah love, my portfolio's £3bn these days and I was sick of counting money so I thought I'd come and see Coldplay this afternoon. Yes I got the picture to Jonny - I always thought it was going to be a long shot, especially after the lady controlling everyone on the way in said "we don't give things to the band, you'll have to see if someone in the studio will". Glad they got it. everyone here I spoke today said they had a great time. [thanks Long Live Life]


    That was a really great day!! I got there at about 9.30am, ended up being no. 34 in the queue. Met Phil and Laura and we froze for those few hours!! Met Chelsea and Daniel too....After a bit of an extended wait and a lady who had to contend with a load of overexcited Coldplay fans, we were let loose on the route towards the studio. I havn't been inside the BBC buildings before and it was really great to see everything. I was so happy to make it to the front row where me, Laura and Phil ended up on the Guy's side. Everyone was in a good mood and I really enjoyed the atmosphere! The stage was nicely decorated, although I was surprised to discover that the 'snow' was made of pieces of old newspaper hahaha!! When Coldplay arrived, there was an awesome atmosphere because they were so very very close! All the guys seemed to be in a good mood and bantering with the crowd. I think I got a smile from Will at one point when he was looking in my direction and I smiled at him....but who knows, he could have been smiling at someone behind me. Me and Phil had to make way several times for Fearne and Reggie.... that was interesting. and yeah, that was Phil passing Jonny the group photograph that he'd had printed out! Glad that Jonny took it. Had a great time! (hello to any Coldplayers that were there!!) [thanks crazyduckette]


    i got there at 9:30 and was number 27!! best day of my life. chris came right in front of me and stared at me for a few seconds . best moment of my life. Also at the end i put my hand out to jonny and he smiled and shook my hand!!!!! wont ever get an experience like that ever again! [thanks izzym]


    Today was completely flawless. I wasn't expecting it to be as amazing as it was, to be honest, even though I was expecting to have a good time. But wow, I just had such a great day overall. I'll type up a review and post it soon, I literally just got back in the door of my house. But God, these four guys and that music makes me so indescribably happy. [thanks ApproximatelyInfinite]


    Oh my GOD, what a FANTASTIC DAY. I'll post a full review to my LiveJournal later, because if I do it here I'll just harp on for ages, but suffice to say that it was so much better than I could ever have expected it to be. It had such a cozy, intimate feeling, almost like a house concert or something. Chris' voice sounded amazing, I thought, and they all just looked really happy. It was great to watch, especially from a foot away from the stage. My mad flailing/fairy lights elicited a smile out of Jonny and--dare I say it--what might even have been a smirk out of Guy?! And I got a handshake from Chris! *faints* But the other thing I -loved- was the feeling of community...I met some of the other Coldplayers, you are all lovely, by the way. It was like some massive, dysfunctional family gathering. Well, that's what it felt like to me anyway. xD It was just lovely. I have warm fuzzies all over. [thanks englishrose]


    Coldplay perform Christmas Lights on Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London (8th December 2010):








    Pictures by dylan86








    Pictures by coldplay.com


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