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    Coldplay perform two shows in front of delighted German fans! (Mega review)

    On Friday night, Coldplay arrived on stage at E-Werk, Cologne, Germany to a rapturous applause as they started to perform an outstanding setlist in a very warm atmosphere (literally!), sweat already started trickling down Chris' forehead as the band started off with the ridiculously beautiful Always in My Head which has been re-worked since their performance at the ITunes festival in March and is now more similar to the studio version which has not been heard in full but a clip played on the Zane Lowe interview preview for Monday. Another's Arms made an appearance too, again, sounding a little different from before and Oceans which was played in concert for the first time after the Radio 1 Live lounge surprised performance on Wednesday. The setlist for the show in Cologne can be viewed below (thanks to Setlist.fm)




    You can listen to the performance below via the Youtube video, thanks to John Pham on Youtube and our forums!




    And a new video version self made by Michael Trams on Facebook, good quality and filmed until the encore.




    Many of us who were listening to the audio stream online were eagerly awaiting a possible first play of A Sky Full of Stars. Good news was 'ASFOS' was the last song of the night and it sent the crowd of fans absolutely wild! The bad news was the radio broadcast had ended before the encore because Live1, the German radio station only had an hour of broadcasting time. Chris Martin asked the audience multiple times not to record A Sky Full of Stars and I hope all fans respected that so we will have to wait still to hear A Sky Full of Stars! All over the Coldplay forums and on Facebook/Twitter, we have been asking fans who saw Coldplay in Germany last night for their reaction to 'ASFOS' and again, it was overwhelmingly positive with a few new descriptions this time, the most interesting one was being compared to Rihanna and 30 Seconds to Mars, quite a strange mixture! I am guessing based on other descriptions of being able to dance to, upbeat and similar to Charlie Brown, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall and Don't Let It Break Your Heart that the Rihanna song in question is We Found Love and rockier side of it is similar to Do or Die or Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars. One more comparison on Facebook from Louwe-Jan van der Velde was to Snow Patrol's If there is a Rocket Tie Me to it which is more of the intriguing side of it rather than the laid back aspect of the song.



    Above : a photo from the live blog on coldplay.com


    Click here to see the full blog as it happened on Friday


    Our selected review for Friday's show at E-Werk, Cologne comes from Batman on our forums

    . She has written a brilliant and completely different review of the whole journey to see Coldplay perform from applying for the tickets and the gig itself. Her enthusiasm is remarkable and this is a truly good read!


    This is a very long review, its worth the long read too but however, if you can't read this right now, scroll down past the quoted grey text or press crtl+f and type 'Baden-Baden' which is the next part of this article for today's performance.




    To make it easier for you guys who prefer to only read parts that are actually about the concert, I'll split this review up into different chapters.





    So as you all know, the insanity of getting the bloody tix started last week on friday. The tickets were sold out in TWO SECONDS. We've all been sitting there like this :



    Coldplay Keyboard - F5



    But you know, sometimes life is like „lolNO“ so all of my Coldplaying friends (Claudia, Claudia2, Julia, Katja, Jelena, Kirsten, Volker) and I didn't get s**t. The tix were gone. After freaking out for like 5 minutes we realised the tickets weren't really „gone“, people just all put them into the virtual basket and were still deciding wether to buy them or not. So after another couple of minutes the tix went back online, and luckily and because Coldplay karma was on my side one of my Coldplayers and I got two tix each. But that still ment that 3 of us couldn't come along


    So we participated in every possible radio show quiz and whatnot to get two additional tix, but no luck T___T


    Okay, well that blew but at least some of us could go and were able to witness the concert. I thought about making special tshirts for our coldplaying group so I asked for a design and we decided to make a phoenix in the style of the album's cover pigeon. So I drew this on on the night of tuesday:


    Coldplay drawing


    and went to university the next day to silk screen it on some blue shirts I got:


    Coldplay blue shirt


    the next day when I got out of university my guts were telling me to check the forum because... you know sometimes you know something's up and you should really REALLY listen to what your insides are saying. So I went online and saw

    that, cheeetaz, the most awesome person of everything that is awesome, mentioned, that the greedy people who bought tix just to sell the for prices like:


    ticket scalpers


    had to put their tix back online because they couldn't sell them (the tix were personalized so you couldn't just transfer them to other people).


    That meant eventim put the cards back online.


    That meant tix were available again.


    That meant a chance to get all of my coldplaying family members tix.


    I was like HOLY S**T ON A STICK, logged in with Julia login data, raped the f5 button once again while yelling over at whatsapp at everybody to stop their s**t and log in on eventim.

    And then I got two tix in the basket, called Julia, payed everything, and then Volker also got two tix, and we were like „ok ok OK CALM DOWN EVERYBODY WE'RE ALL GOING“. Claudia started crying of happiness and tried to calm herself while I was flippin' out in front of my PC. We were alllll going to the concert tomorrow and I was just so happy. People who got tix were also doing their happy dances in the cologne threads.





    Prior concert day, I made a little something to make our group more recognizable in the huge crowd of people (apart from the tshirts I made for everyone). I still had loads of the xylobands flying around and I remembered a video were someone made them glow again. So I took them apart, brazed some new wires in it, put everything back together, and if you twisted the wires that were now coming out of the plastic shell the xylobands would glow as long as the wires touched :




    I also took the xylobands of julia and modified them as well, so in total we had like 14 xylobands or so.




    I started my journey at 8:00 am, went to cologne and arrived at 10:00 at the venue. They were already six people standing around (Princes of China, Tash) so I was really happy not to sit around there all on my own. After talking to them they let me know they were already waiting there since 6am these crazy ass fans!

    I wasn't even planning on coming this early because Germany German fans don't do camping, they're actually rather lazy and usually come later So much for that haha


    Coldplay concert meet


    Coldplay coach


    So I was sitting there while over a few hours, took out a little music box I got with me and let it play coldplay songs in the background. It was all pretty chill except for a lady that kept screaming into our general direction because apparently she got tix on eventim one time for her friend and then they were gone. Don't ask me she was weird. And she had two little 3-year old something children with her and was changing their nappies the whole time? After a while she just run off, screaming. Lol


    After a few hours the sun was getting really hot. I usually don't get sunburn, and if I do I don't care, but the heat was making my body shut down so I had to find a cool spot. Good for us was the roof above the stairs so we all sat down there. Additionally I had these foil-safety-whatever-blanket with me and it protected us from the sun rather well:


    sun protection coldplay


    Then suddenly BASS and the windows in our backs were shaking. Soundcheck? SOUNDCHECK!

    I got up, left the venue and walked around the building because there were windows at the side that gave me a view directly upon the stage. I totally did not stare through the window and pressed my phone against the dusty window to make fotos...



    coldplay soundcheck


    coldplay soundcheck 2


    Of course Coldplay wasn't there, they were still in Paris or wherever the frick they were, but I could see the stage mueuhhueuheuhe


    After that I was bloody hyped and couldn't wait to get in, UGH!

    Then finally FINALLY my friends arrived, from 14-17 pm, all of them My best friend even got a ticket for her mother haha! Since the venue didn't have any toilets for whatever intelligent reason we had to walk a little to get in some tv-station building to use the toilets in their cellar. People kept staring at us because we were already sweaty, dusty, dirty and had wild hair from spending hours sitting in the dirt, but yeah, we couldn't care less. In the restroom we actually did a little happy dance because we couldn't believe our freaky luck. Weird stares again, not that we gave a damn


    Back in front of the doors of the venue we decided to make signs with the papers and markers we brought along. I cut out little ghost masks (that we didn't end up using because we were to awe-struck later on), a paper with „PHIL“ in a butterfly shape on it, another one with Midnight lyrics on it that got lost lol, and a paper with a pigeon on it filled with #42.


    Coldplay 42


    Suddenly soundcheck again and we heard a familiar voice. Holy crap the boys were in! I totally got up again from my spot, rushed to the windows and stared like a creep through the dusty glasses. Yup, I saw a Chris standing in singing, and Guy was also on stage.

    Excited Thalia was excited


    I gave my designed tshirts to everyone, as well with the modified xylobands, and were ready!


    Coldplay designed tshirts


    Then people were getting nervous, it was getting close to 19:30. We asked the security guards several times at which gate we had to stand (there were three gates with three papers with different information on it and we stressed about getting to the right gate!). Then this nice fellow from 1live came and chatted a little bit with us and helped us getting some actual info out of the security people. Apparently it didn't matter where to stand, you just needed your ticket and ID. The security people were really REALLY picky about these. Everytime you left the venue for a toilet or something you had to show everything, otherwise they wouldn't even let you near the doors



    THEN THE DOORS OPENED. We all squished together, went into instant battle mode and flew up the few stairs into the building. Well that was plan. Security people went like „nope“ and squished us back in place We were all waving our tickets into their faces, while grabbing to the person you take in with you with your additional ticket. I grabbed Katja's arm, pulled her with me, and I yelled into the security man's face like „I'M THALIA HERE IS THE NAME AND THERE AND HERE IS MY POCKET OKAY YUP LEMME THROUGH“ and he was just overwhelmed by everybody else doing the exact same thing so we could pass him unto the next lady who scanned our tix MEANWHILE Claudia was just trolling her way through before ANYONE GOT IN. She had just started walking hahah! I still don't know how she managed that lol.

    ANYWAYZZ, while I passed the scanner lady we all got yelled at not to run (yeah dude tell that my legs they're not doing what I want anyway) so after the last security guy I f**ing rocketed myself into FRONT ROOWWWWWWWWW

    And then all my friends also gathered around/behind me it was so epic We all got tickets and we all got into front row I couln't even


    I still can't


    So much Coldplay karma can't be healthy


    NOW we finally had time to calm down and relax and just take that magnificent stage design in. As I'm writing this I haven't seen any pictures yet of the photos THESE ANNOYING F**ERS TOOK RIGHT IN FRONT OF US


    coldplay stage


    but I believe they must be out there by now? The stage mainly looked like a magical forest with paper stars haning from the ceiling with LEDs inside, one tree (without leaves on them, they had old very nice looking light bulbs hanging from the branches and also paper stars) to the left and right of the stage. Then there was a big screen in the background and LOADS of new instruments all crammed on there. On the left was a huge wall of black boxes with glowing and blinking green/red lights on it.


    Then we saw Miller come on stage so I screamed his name several times until he noticed me! I had my glowing xylobands on already and the pigeon poster up, so he grinned and gave me thumbsup, yay!


    Okay, so I'm really trying to remember everything, but it's hard If I'm leaving something out maybe the other coldplayers will write about it or I'll remember it tomorrow.




    The lights went out and people going freaking NUTS. I saw Chris coming on stage, and the gap between us and the stage was maybe 1 ½ meters. They were soooo close ahhhHHH!!!!

    Then the others came onto the stage and the whole place went bawlz.

    Chris greeted us in German and told us that he really likes this place because when they were starting with the band they got a warm welcome in Cologne

    He knows how to charm his crowd, he really does heuuheu.

    After that they started with a song. I say A song because my brain doesn't know which song it was. I'm that bad lol. I MEAN YOU'VE LISTENED TO IT ALL I DIDN'T HAVE TO REMEMBER RIGHT?

    Anyways, what I DO remember are all the little details you couldn't SEE Here's my list to make it pretty for the eyes:


    - GLOWING XYLOBANDS, they did the trick! They did exactly what I wanted them to do, GET ATTENTION. When Chris was positioning himself in front of us I saw him glancing around to our people with the xylobands on. YESH, PERFECT! Alright, so I put my hands in the air and just waved them around during his singing until he noticed me. Then he grinned. I wonder if he know it were xylobands


    - Since the distance between us / the band was so small we had GREAT interaction. Chris for a change actually looked into the first row several times and not over our heads like all the other times, and then he saw that a few of us wore this tshirt I made. He was staring at my face, then at my shirt, then right next to me at Claudia's shirt and made a puzzled face. To which I screamed like such a fangirl I am and he smiled MWHAU


    - During the quieter sections of some songs some of us yelled „JONNY!“ until he grinned into our direction. THEN, because I'm a greedy bat and I want some Jonny for myself, I waved at him when I saw him turning around and he gave me his genuinely Jonny smile. G-guh You know his smile, right? RIGHT INTO MY FEELS


    - There was one song, the scientist or so (it was a quiet one) were Will was just sitting behind his drums, and he was looking around everywhere until he noticed our crazy ass waving and he went like „D'AW!“ and also grinned We had the perfect spot hahaha!


    - Claudia told me Guy was actually grinning as well, but I wasn't looking at him because he kept ignoring us the entire time. I'm still conviced he's a freaking robot


    - Chris sitting very close to the edge of the stage during Midnight and being lost in his song. He looked very dreamy and I totally didn't stare because that would be creepy and awkward because the other bandmembers would have seen it. Um.


    - LAZERHARP. 2 of them! One for Guy and one fro Chris! Also during Midnight. Chris doing his weird robot-dance-but-not-quite-but-trying-to?-whatever-lol-MOVEMENTS all around the lazer beams and I was like „wow this looks like an art performance“ and then he just leans over and the lazer beams hit him and concentrate on spots on his skin and they are bright as f**k but it looks very magical with the way he moves and I'm totally ignoring Guy on the other side actually playing the harp


    - THE BAD AIR. It was sooo nasty, it was hot, most, stinky and you cut almost eat it with a spoon. Chris was sweating even before he was saying the first word and we couldn't go nuts as long as usual because it was just hard to breathe.


    - GPASUYF performance was GREAT. Fabian, another Coldplayer next to me, went „HOLY S**T ARE THEY GONNA OMG YES THEY ARE“ because apparently he really likes the song So I went nuts with him and we hugged and freaked out and jumped to the beat. The lights flashed and my eyes hurt, and Chris was playing a new fancy shiny black guitar. Will was baning the life out of his drums with his usual rage face while Jonny and Guy laughed at each other before the build up, and the the climax hit and I felt the ground shaking from all the people behind me jumping. Chris threw the guitar into the air and it hit the ground and I actually cringed. That poor guitar DUDE WHAT DID IT DO


    - Confettiiiii Shapes: circles and stars. They came when Viva went on anf ASFOS. So nice


    - BUCKIN BUCKIN BUCKIN oh did I mention there was some BUCKIN going on because there was and it was sweaty and subliminaly and a little bit dirty, too, and wow that sounds more pervy than it actually was One time Chris was sneaking up behind Jonny and bumped into him, then kind of slithered around Jonny and bumped his head into Jonny's shoulder Another time he did about the same but more of the „you know they know “-kind of glances … why are they not married yet?


    - when I was looking behind me in the upper rank of the hall I saw Guy's girlfriend after Claudia spotted her. Guy actually showed some reaction at the end of the gig and threw both his hands into the air and smiled like crazy into her direction. So much for fan interaction *cough:


    - Chris was kissing the ground at the end of the gig! Oh my heart.


    - Now all the people want to know about ASFOS. Whew. Okay so, it's made of two separat styles. You guys have been telling me others said it sounds like techno? Well, no it doesn't. It's just the beat that is very fast, like the one from „Dont Let It Break Your Heart“. They lyrics are also very simple and mostly made of the refrain which is the song title. I really REALLY tried to remember, but Chris said he'd really appreciate it if we wouldn't record/tape the new songs. So I tried to hum the melody but I lost it argh. A part of the lyrics that stuck with me was something like „I'll die in your arms“ after which followed the refrain that was the song title:


    - „A Sky full of Stars, A Sky full of Stars, A Sky full of StaaaaaaAAAAARRSSS!!“ with Chris and us jumping to the crazy beat. The refrain had the techno beat, the other parts of the song were slowlier, but always build up to the refrain. F**k I'm sorry that I can't remember that much, but it was just too much input for my brain. Another thing I remember though is that the song is really RICH of sounds and instruments. It has a very strong melody that gets your body energized. I'm trying to find an example of how to explain it to you: it is a powerful mixture between the songs Viva La Vida, Dont Let It Break Your Heart, and I believe there were again some weird electronic noises in it that gave a new touch to it. The things that bothered me though were the little lyrics (it was mostly the refrain I think) and the song seemed kinda short, but my feeling of time during CP concerts is not reliable so make your own opinion. It is a song that the fans from Mylo Xyloto style of songs will DEFINiTELY like, since it's fast and strong and gets your blodd pumping.




    - After the concert the 1live guy met Claudia and me after he saw my glowing xylobands and asked us the usual concert questions about how it felt to be so close and blah and our fangirliness hit him FULL FORCE HAHAHA we were gushing so bad I fear to hear my voice on 1live later on... if he didn't cut it out already xD My God that was embarassing but at that moment I couldn't keep it down


    - They sold limited shirts at the concerts for 30 f**ing euros, but I bought one anyway. And I got a plectrum from Jonny from one of the roadies aaaAAAAAAHHH JONNY DNA I HAVE YOU NOW MUAHAHA


    coldplay shirt1


    coldplay shirt2


    coldplay other


    That's all I can manage now. My body is now reminding me PRETTY HARD to get to sleep, and let my muscles rest So, if you have any specific questions, I'll try to remember.

    Good night, Batman out~


    Now today on Saturday 26th April, Coldplay have already played live at Baden-Baden in Germany at 5 PM local time which saw classics such as Don't Panic and Til Kingdom Come return to the setlist! This show at Baden-Baden was an intimate show with radio stations giving out tickets to fans who won their competitions and were not placed on sale. You can see the setlist for this show below (thanks to setlist.fm)




    Always in My Head was the first tune played which is their staple opener for the Ghost Stories era which really captures the intimate feel of the venue it was played in! Coldplay seem to be making minor changes for each time they perform song of the new songs, an example being a harmony in the middle of Always in My Head was present for the Cologne performance but not for the Baden-Baden show. I say the more Will harmonizing, the better! As mentioned, Don't Panic returned with a slightly different riff sound, for the first time since 2011 and Til Kingdom Come which was out of this world! A few mistakes and stops halfway through but with Chris Martin and Will Champion singing, it delighted many Coldplay fan's with 'Til Kingdom Come' trending worldwide on twitter during the radio broadcast. Another's Arms and Oceans were played in the middle of the setlist in order, just as they are on the upcoming album, Ghost Stories. The boys finished with Midnight as the encore and their time in Germany had come to a successful finish.


    We have no reviews at the moment other than the ones like most of us who listened to the online audio stream or the various radio broadcasts. The Youtube video is below thanks yet again to John Pham on Youtube and our forums!




    You can view the gallery of Chris and the whole band below thanks to SWR3 (German radio station) and jeremyy on our forums for finding them!


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