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    Coldplay Perform With "The Muppets"

    kermitbanjo1.jpgColdplay have been joined onstage by some stunningly talented people. Chris duetted with Noel Gallagher many moons ago, Elton John has graced the Coldplay piano stool and more recently, Michael Stipe shared the mic with the guys.


    Today, however comes an event that seems difficult to ever top. Today, Coldplay will be performing with The Muppets. Apparently, The Muppets are still going strong in Spain, going under the name ‘Los Lunis’. The fellas are joined onstage by three of ‘Los Lunis’ for a rousing version of ‘Talk’ which, apparenly will be going out to millions on Christmas Eve.


    It’s a little uneasy at first, as the band plainly haven’t quite made their minds up whether or not this is indeed a good idea. Appearing with the Muppets though, is a noble and respected tradition from back in its seventies heyday. Paul Simon, Joan Baez, Gladys Knight and indeed Johnny Cash probably also sat in their dressing rooms nervously asking their managers to assure them that this wasn’t a mistake.


    Meanwhile, onstage today, the puppets are making it obvious that taking it seriously is an utterly pointless exercise, Jonny and Guy are rocking out, miming the track with a sunglassed, bearded puppet doing exactly the same behind each of them. I’m sure it’s possible to watch this without grinning, but you’d have to ask yourself some questions about just how seriously you need to be taking things.


    After a few runs at the track, it’s all over and we’re clearing the stage to let Goldfrapp get set up.


    Source: The Coldplayer [barcelona journal 20/11/05]

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