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    Coldplay play friends & family gig in London (31 May) - new lyrics, setlist hints

    coldplaynme.jpgColdplay played a new friends and family gig for 150 people at the Forum in Kentish Town, London last night (31st May), ahead of their forthcoming festival appearances starting on Friday in Germany. Apparently, SEVEN new songs were played alongside some older songs. You can read more about this at the Coldplay forum forum now; hopefully we will get more news on this soon. In the meantime, one Coldplayer said:


    My sources inform me that it was held at the Forum, Kentish Town. About 150 people in attendance as stated earlier. 7 new songs played along with Yellow, In My Place, God put a smile, Scientist, Clocks, Fix You, Lost, Cemeteries, Viva La Vida. They finished with Every Teardrop. No advertising anywhere, maybe some competition winners perhaps aswell? Very positive [reaction] I'm led to believe. My friend wasn't able to get hold of the set-list that was onstage, so cannot be sure of any names of the new songs - aside from the single. One track I'm told though did stand out as a fast and loud number, featuring a repeated line "I've got one eye on the wall and one on you"...

    Sorry guys, I can't say how they got in, but apprently everyone was politely told before the gig to turn their phones off and refrain from taking any photos. My friend tells me it was amazing not to see anyone holding up a camera or phone filming the concert, as you're so used to it at most gigs these days. They did take a camera along I'm told, but once they were given that instruction they probably didn't want to risk being thrown out! [thanks Coldplay747]


    More on this to follow...








    Photos via Coldplay.com


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