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    Coldplay Reign Supreme Over U2 Down-under

    vivalavida.jpgColdplay have delivered a deadly blow to Bono’s U2 after first week sales in Australia revealed that Viva La Viva figures had romped in over No Line On The Horizon sales.


    The U2 album debuted at number one in Australia today with a not too shabby showing of 29,963 sales in the past week. Coldplay Viva La Vida sold 41,041 units in week one in Australia. That is a major gap between the two in-battle superacts.


    Bono brought the Coldplay vs U2 battle into the public arena when he called Chris Martin a wanker and a cretin a few weeks ago on the BBC. Martin responded to Bono’s poorly chosen comments via the Australian stage in Melbourne earlier this week when he said, “I have been putting up with shit from Bono for years”.

    Bono is obviously nervous that the U2 torch may be about to pass to Coldplay before he wants to let it go. Based on sales out of Australia and projected sales for later this week in the USA, Coldplay is now more popular than U2. No Line On The Horizon is expected to sell around 400k-450k this week in America according to Hitsdailydouble.com. Viva La Vida sold more than 700k in the first week in America.


    Given the Australian ratios, the predicted U2 figure for the US looks spot on, and the world would have voted. And let the battle continue!


    SOurce: undercover.com.au


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