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    Coldplay Spark CD Price Tumble In UK Store War

    The CD price war hotted up yesterday as ASDA slashed prices of top-selling albums. The supermarket giants have cut the price of chart-topping releases to a record low of £7.47 online.


    The move coincides with the release next Monday of the new album by Coldplay, X&Y. Tesco sparked the price battle last year when they began selling top-selling music and films without VAT. Using a legal loophole, the store set up a distribution firm in Jersey and began selling CDs for £8.99 online including delivery. ASDA matched the deal last month and Tesco responded by announcing a '10 per cent off' sale which brought prices down to £8.08.


    Yesterday, ASDA announced that, from this morning, some of their most popular albums - including Coldplay's new release X&Y and current bestseller Don't Believe The Truth, from Oasis - will be available for £7.47 for the next six days. An ASDA spokesman said: 'From Thursday albums will be available online from £7.47.'


    In 1998, CDs were £11.99 in ASDA, and around £14 in most High Street retailers. The Treasury claim that they are losing £80million a year though retailers avoiding tax and look set to clamp down on the loophole.


    Source: Daily Record

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