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    Coldplay Star cools off in the Hamptons

    The happy holidays in the Hamptons go on. As regular readers will know, most of New York’s elite are perfecting their tans at the exclusive Long Island resort, while the rest of us sweat it out in the heat and fumes of the Big Apple.


    It was bucket and spade time for new mum and dad Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, who stayed at the exclusive resort in a cottage belonging to film director Steven Spielberg last week. But duty called for Martin, who made a few trips from the beach to a New York recording studio to work on his band’s new album. The rest of the time, he was catching waves on his surfboard. Locals said the singer had some impressive moves – for a Brit.


    Taking a break from the water, Martin reportedly admitted to the New York Post that he once lost his rag with a photographer in Australia who was snapping him missing waves and “was going to make me look like a tosser“.“It’s the last place we have where we are not bothered by photographers,” said Paltrow, somewhat unbelievably, because the snappers must be hiding up trees all over the Hamptons right now.


    The proud mum didn’t bother with a nanny, like so many other stars, and was seen taking baby Apple out for strolls in the pushchair and to play on the beach.


    Health conscious 30-year-old Paltrow managed to fit in yoga classes and visited an organic café for soy milk smoothies and tofu when Coldplay front man Martin was on nappy duty.


    Source: The Scotsman

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