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    Coldplay Team Up With Superstar Director For 'Talk'

    coldplaybw.jpgColdplay's next video is to be shot by famed director Anton Corbijn, the group have confirmed.


    Anton Corbijn will film the promo clip for the forthcoming "Talk" single, which is to be the third track to be lifted from their globe-straddling album "X&Y".


    Corbijn is one of the world's most famous video producers and photographers, having shot acclaimed promos for the likes of Joy Division, U2, Depeche Mode, Nirvana and The Killers.


    Corbijn has confirmed the band asked him to shoot the clip for "Talk", having previously rejected a number of previous offers from Chris Martin and co.


    He commented: "I have turned down a few previous requests from Coldplay to do a script for their songs, but I liked this song and had an idea straightaway, so that was enough for me to go on. It is always the idea and the song that counts, not the size of the band. I just as happily work with Joseph Arthur, for instance, as with a big band. The only redeeming factor in that sense is that I know the video from the big band will get MTV airplay."


    Talking about the new video, Corbijn said: "Well, it is black and white, and slightly strange, as is often the way in my videos, I guess. It will have a certain B-movie feel to it, but I cannot say more than this for now. I always come up with the ideas - except for Nirvana's video - but usually there is some input from the artist. Generally, people come to me for the whole trip, if you like. Whether that is good or bad, I cannot say, but that is what happens."


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