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    Coldplay 'Under 1 Roof' tickets sell out in just 3 minutes; auction & raffle details; who's going?

    Tickets for the Under 1 Roof charity gig headlined by Coldplay went on sale this morning at 9am (GMT) and sold out, according to official sources, within 3 minutes.The event, taking place on 19th December at the at Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, London, is a benefit concert in support of the charity Kids Company.Success among Coldplayers on the messageboard (here onwards) appear high with many getting tickets shortly after 9am. However, there were a few unlucky ones unfortunately. But we are hosting a 'Want tickets / Have tickets to sell / Swap' process that allows genuine fans to help other genuine fans who have missed out. [thanks Tash]Auction tickets also remain - 30 pairs of Circle Seats tickets are up for bidding via the SeeTickets website. This particular auction opens 14th November 2013 at 12noon and closes 22nd November at 12noon. 30 pairs of Stalls Standing tickets are also being auctioned, starting next week on 22nd November 2013 at 12noon and closes 29th November at 12noon.There is also a raffle to win a pair of VIP tickets for the show. Tickets cost £1 each and can be bought via the Kids Company website until 13th December. The winner will receive 2 VIP Reserve seating tickets for the gig which include early entry, signed memorabilia from Coldplay and entry to the Aftershow Party. The winner will be drawn on 13th December by an online random selector. Entry is open to UK residents only.

    The raffle to win VIP tickets to #Under1Roof on Dec 19 is now open (UK only). Tickets cost £1 each. Buy them now at http://t.co/zoWBKhfYB8 A

    — Coldplay (@coldplay) November 14, 2013
    Going so far from this site are the following members: Blackrose, Californication, CiaranF, CJWG, Coeurli, coldplay36, ColdplaySheffield, Comicforce, Cris_Santos, Foreplay, Fraetes, iSwin, Jack1491, Jason-DeBord, JonnyGuitarGenius, LdySpace, Nattatouille, PrincessofChina, Tash, wisna.

    We've just been told that #Under1Roof tickets for @KidsCompanyUK sold out in three minutes. That's incredible. Thanks everyone. A

    — Coldplay (@coldplay) November 14, 2013
    Some of your comments on purchasing tickets below...I HAVE A TICKET. NOW LET'S FIGURE OUT A WAY TO ACTUALLY MANAGE TO GET THERE, OMG. So far this concert sounds like a freaking COLDPLAYING party and i love it! [thanks Coeurli]OMG, I have it! Congrats to everyone lucky, See you soon! So, flight booked! 250 € but nevermind! Can't wait to queue in the freezing temperatures! [thanks wisna]got my 2, almost made the mistake of going the standing circle in the panic!!! [thanks CJWG]Yesssss! Standing tickets bought. Delighted! Now to book flights. Easier than I thought too. I had 2 tabs open and I was actually successfully in place to buy from both Eventim and Gigs&Tours. I only needed one pair though so I gave the others up. I think ill head straight round to Apollo, so I will likely be queuing from around noon (although I may be tempted by a quick Bakery visit). Chatting to other Coldplayers in the queue is half the fun anyway. They're generally the friendliest people on earth. See you all there! [thanks CiaranF]Just got two tickets, now I can relax!! That was easier than I expected though. Time to book flights now! Congrats to everyone who got tickets and see you all there! [thanks Californication]Anyone else surprised at how easy that was? I just wandered back to my desk from the lab at 9:02-- thought, 'ah I will try it' and bam, had it before I even really panicked about it. Looking forward to it! My plan is to get an early train up to London and queue all day. That is if my boss lets me have the time off... [thanks Nattatouille]I wanted 3 tickets and got 3. I managed to get 2 tickets nice and swiftly on Gigs and Tours; I purchased them almost straight away. Took about another 10 minutes to purchase 1 ticket from the Eventim website, though. It kept coming up saying "Currently Unavailable", but I kept refreshing it and it suddenly gave me the option to buy one again. I'm over the moon! Day out in London beforehand and then head straight to Hammersmith. Sound good to me. [thanks ColdplaySheffield]I got two too. Now I am at work but feel like I need a lie down in a darkened room for a few hours. I'm glad we all got them. Still pretty amazed I got tickets and my hubby too thank goodness. We needed four tickets and that's what we got. But considering four of us were trying that seems a reasonable deal. I do hope nobody missed out. They sold so fast my head was spinning. Can't wait now! [thanks Comicforce]GOT TICKETS!!! Bit of a mad scrabble for them and some covert internetting at work involved but worth it! Looking forward to seeing you all there. [thanks Jack1491]BRONZE TICKET [thanks Fraetes]Apparently my sister got it!!! Fingers crossed!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped here, my sister got the order confirmation. Can't wait. [thanks Cris_Santos]I got 2 standing stalls tickets, just nobody to go with (for now) ha! Can't wait! [thanks iSwin]I got a ticket! My brother had to buy it for me while I was at work and I was doubting the whole thing so much I didn't suggest a certain seating/standing area for him to try choose but I have a seat one! It's going to be my first time seeing Coldplay live! I can't believe I'm finally going to see them! [thanks Little Miss Coldplay]Flying in from Dublin to see them!! First trip to London!!! Too excited! [thanks padge]Pleased to have got a couple of seats for this. Fortunately (as I was flying back from Amsterdam) the sale occured between check in and boarding so I found an internet kiosk to ensure I wasn't relying on a dodgy WiFi connection. I knew it was just 2 per person however I checked straight after to see if what was left and everything had gone so that was a narrow squeak. See you there on the 19th! [thanks oysterman55]Got 2 'Bronze' package seats - well, why not? At 63 years old, retired, the wonderful Coldplay make me feel like a crazy teenager again! Just cannot wait. Probably end up in A&E with a heart attack. OMG - will they be at the party afterwards??? Aghhhhhh... I'm lucky enough to have my daughter coming with me but I would happily have come on my own...... there's always someone to chat to... well as a 'Scouser' that's how I find it is. [thanks oldiefan]Hi guys!! So I haven't really been on Coldplaying for a really long time! I just moved to the UK and haven't really found a lot of people who like Coldplay. I have always wanted to see them live, but never had the chance until now. I bought one ticket for this concert, so I am pretty going by myself so I just wanted to introduce myself. I am so excited I can't believe I am seeing them live, and I don't mind going by myself but it would be great to maybe meet some of you before? Anyways, can't waittt for the conceeeeert! [thanks Mrs.GB]

    The #Under1Roof concert is in aid of @KidsCompanyUK... It's for charity... pic.twitter.com/SpCrkKY5NF

    — David Brent Music (@DavidBrentMusic) November 14, 2013

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