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    Coldplayers are big winners on a day of major eBay auction finishes

    parachutes1.jpgColdplay fans ruled eBay for a few hours today as some major auctions ended in Coldplay's 'End Of Decade Clearout Sale' hosted on the auction site.


    The original Parachutes globe (as seen on the cover of the first album, pictured) was won by Coldplayer NumbersGirl for a whopping £8,100 - around $13,000. Moments earlier, another Coldplayer lo&loud had announced that he was the proud owner of Chris Martin's Takamine guitar from the Parachutes tour, which was quickly followed up with Chris's Fender Rhodes piano. I hope he has room for all his instruments!


    Coldplay began their 'End of Decade Clearout Sale' on eBay 10 days ago to help raise money for the charity Kids Company. They are selling everything from instruments, signed platinum discs, costumes from the 'Viva La Vida' tour and stage equipment, as well as lots of other items. The auction will run until 5pm (GMT) on December 31st, so its not too late to join the lucky list of Coldplayers with fantastic Coldplay memorabilia!


    Chris Martin's Takamine guitar as seen in use during the early Parachutes days



    This Fender Rhodes piano brought Guy Berryman and Chris Martin together before the band was formed



    The original Parachutes globe as featured on the cover of the first album is now in the hands of a Coldplayer!


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