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    Coldplayers express well-wishes to Chris Martin (more Tampa comments)

    chrismartingrammy09a.jpgFollowing Coldplay's postponement of tonight's scheduled concert at the Ford Amphitheatre, fans have been sending their best wishes to Chris Martin for a speedy recovery from illness. Here are more of the fans' comments in reaction to the soon-to-be-rescheduled Tampa show:


    I feel bad for everyone who was planning on going to this show, especially if they were flying in. I hope Chris feels well soon. Poor guy. He really does work hard. The sooner the better too... If he needs anyone to help take care of him, I GLADLY volunteer. I'm also hoping for a later reschedule, then maybe I can wing it, and afford to take a trip to Tampa to see the boys again, my 8th time. Hehe. I can only hope. The withdrawal need to be cured. [thanks kuti3xoxo]


    First off, I am hoping Chris Martin recovers from his illness and all is well! Secondly, since I am 4 months pregnant, I'm hoping they reschedule when I am able to attend and not in the hospital giving birth! They are such a fantastic band live and even though I have seen them numerous times (including the last time they postponed a Tampa show) each and every show just keeps getting better! Til next time guys! Tina [thanks tmjones]


    I too hope Chris is OK! I wonder if it's this stomach bug that's going around. My 3 year old got sick yesterday and threw up 11 times in a little over 24 hours. Tonight was his first meal since yesterday morning. I think he's coming around, and he's finally keeping his food down. Whew! If this is what Chris has, I can totally understand! My son has been glued to the couch for 24 hours straight. I know traveling like they do is very hard...even for the rich and healthy. I do hope Chris gets well soon, and I hope all of those who are stuck out there get your show back soon as well. [thanks Allegra]

    Bourbon helps the pain. [thanks TheAngie]


    The locals and those who made it to Tampa should definitely get together and have a drink. The truth is that I could have gotten a RT ticket for $200 on Priceline but I decided not to go because of other commitments that I have at work and home. I could have easily been among the rest of you, left hanging in limbo, 3,000 miles or more from home. Yet, we all feel sad for Chris' illness and hope he gets the rest he needs. I was surprised at how strong he was on the second night I saw him. He actually seemed fresher and perkier at that show than at the one the night before, and his voice was strong and clear. I especially noticed how when, he laughed, he seemed to do it from deep in his belly. He accidentally laughed during the beginning of "Politik" and apologized. Their having cancel tonight's show proves that the stress of traveling catches up with even the strongest and the best of characters like Chris Martin. I am gratified that Coldplay was able to do as many shows as excellently as they did in this year's N.A. tour. I believe Chris Martin is able to transcend the physical. I've seen him give beautiful performances, even when he looked exhausted. He has tremendous inner strength, I believe because he loves what he is doing. From the definition of his muscles, he appears to be a fittie. When a person has his heart in something as Chris does, he will go the extra mile and not mind it one bit. If his health broke down, I would guess that it broke down in a big way, or else he would have proceeded with tomorrow's show. The new video "Strawberry Swing" portrays Chris as a superhero like Superman. I think that fits him well for his extraordinary strength and endurance when touring. I was following the forums for three of the shows after the Coldplay concerts I attended. I could not keep up with them, or the numerous other shows they did since. To think that they actually traveled thousands of miles and performed those shows is a sign to me of the band's incredible strength, and Chris is at the forefront as the lead vocalist. He can't just coast through any performance. Rather, he seems to give more than 100% of his energy in each show. I'm sorry he got sick and hope he gets well soon, and I thank him for the great shows he played. [thanks starfish42]


    I feel so terrible about what's happened. I don't blame Coldplay, because I know they are the kind of band that would only postpone a show if they absolutely had to(I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the band had to actually force Chris to allow the show to be canceled and just rest), but I feel really really bad for all those who had to jump through hoops to get to the concert. Hugs all around. Get well soon Chris, I love you dearly! [thanks KeddieChan]


    I'm absolutely terrified that they won't find time to reschedule and they'll just end up issuing refunds. Of course, that's the worst possible scenario but still a very realistic one. It'll hard to fit Tampa into their schedule. Ahh! Here's to hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. I hope Chris gets better soon, and I hope everyone who is majorly affected by this, i.e. out-of-towners, can fix their flights and such. What a depressing situation this is! I still have two tickets I need to sell, so I guess I have time to sell them. [thanks bittersweetriley]


    I'm kinda waiting, for what, I don't know. But I guess I'll call Delta and see if I can just cancel the Atlanta-Tampa part of my ticket. On the way home, I was connecting through Atlanta again, so my flight was like 2 round trips. My friend here may be stuck with me until Monday night. And I have a non-refundable hotel room in Tampa, but really, do I want to hang out in Tampa for a day alone, just because I have a hotel room? But if by some miracle, they can do the show Monday, I'm so there...Thursday, I don't think I could do it - I can't really just hang out here for a week, and I"m sure flights are way too expensive to come back on such short notice plus I used miles to pay for this flight. I'm sorry Chris is sick and all, and I'll definitely try to come out again, and hopefully I can work it out with my kid's schedules if it's rescheduled in Sept sometime.I'm feeling sorry for Kelly and just talked to her on the phone for a long time. I'm thinking I'm going to head down to Tampa anyway - my room is paid for, and have a good day at the beach, hanging with Kelly. And we will definitely have a few toasts for Chris and everyone else who was supposed to be there tomorrow night. Look at it this way, too, a lot of the fun of the concerts is the anticipation, right? This way we still have something to look forward to! I will see them again this tour! My husband actually asked if I wanted to to go Wembley, Sept 18 is my birhtday, but he may have been joking. We'll see. While I"ve had a very nice visit with my friend (I have Coldplay to thank for making me want to go to the show through Atlanta), I'm still so very very sad. I so so hope that I can make it out again to see the concert. But Kelly and I are going to play in Tampa tomorrow, so that's good too. [thanks lfdianne]


    I just got home from being guilt tripped into going to the pool with my family, trying to give me something to do today because of the changed plans, and realized my epic picture post on the Charlotte thread failed 100% except for the text...arg. I wonder if there's any chance I'll catch what Chris has since I have his towel from last night? then I could say "the bad news is I'm sick, the good news is, I got it from Chris Martin" I'm so sorry you arrived in Atlanta and found out there wasn't going to be a show!! I was driving back with my mom & brother from Charlotte & got Coldplay's tweet about it..I thought it was a joke or a dream. Maybe when you talk to Delta, you'll have heard of the new date & can just switch your flights, unless you decide to go to Tampa anyways ( all the coldplayers there should meet up & watch Live 2003!) I don't know what else to say to Dianne, Kelly, and everyone else who began traveling today, yesterday, and/or who already paid for things that cannot be refunded especially with the way things are these days & things canceled. Why do I feel like it's all my fault or something? but it's the virus's fault! but I can't wait for the new date, whenever it may be...Coldplay+All of you guys=massive fun! maybe they'll play us a new song? or an oldie?? [thanks greeneyes1207]


    I laid down on the couch for awhile, tried to nap, but nothing. Ok I need to just snap out of it and realize this is just shit that happens, and can't dwell on it, and look forward to hopefully it being scheduled soon. I appreciate all who are not going and showing support to everyone who has spent an awful lot of money for this. I want to express my best get well wishes to Chris and hope he starts to feel better soon. My hubby said if they don't do this show, that I could take my daughter out of school and go to Wembly. I need to work on the passport issues quickly tho. This is only if they don't play here. I would love to go to London again, I have so many relatives from there, but with my kids in school, it's more convienant to stay here. [thanks MartinFan]


    Hey Florida Coldplayers, and pretty much everyone who was super psyched for the Sunday show, Massively bummed when I got my email from LiveNation. I ended up going to the Charlotte gig super last minute, since I have family up there, and my friend and I were sightseeing and doing the touristy thing in Georgia. It was an awesome show, to say the least. So we're driving away from Charlotte, talking about how awesome Sunday's show's gonna be, especially since we managed to see the last two shows, and we've never been to a last of anything, lol....Aaaaaand then my BlackBerry gets an email from LiveNation that says the show is off. It's 3:24am, I just got back in Florida, and I'm still awake thinking about it! Anywho, I wrote this in the Charlotte thread, but if anyone didn't see it, I thought I'd post it here: ...After Friday's show, my friend and I sat in my car for about hour waiting for the traffic to die down, since getting out of the parking lot of a large venue is insanity. At one point during our hour break, there was a lit up ambulance that drove up between the staff parking lot and of the back gate areas of the venue. So when we read the "medical reasons" on the website today, our minds flashed back to that ambulance. I don't know why it was there, and if it was there for someone in the band, or someone in the audience, or someone in the staff. But I really hope no one is seriously hurt or ill. Is Chris being ill confirmed? Crap, more than getting my chance to see them again, I hope he and the band are okay. They shouldn't get back on stage unless they are 100% ready to bring it, because if they're forced up there, the fans will be able to tell, and an exhausted band makes the crowd sad. I will wait a damn year for them! It would just mean 2008 through 2010 was my Coldplay holy trinity year, heh. Keep your signs and those glowsticks, you guys. We're still going to use them! I feel bad for those who were making the big trip for the last shows. I hope you guys that are gonna be in Tampa at least still party and get shit faced, like I read a few messages up, LOL. [thanks JustSpies84]


    To everyone who was planning to attend the Tampa show: I can only imagine how disappointed you all must be, especially Martinfan, 1 of my only 3 friends at the coldplaying site. I genuinely wish that somehow it will be made up to you. From what I've read, most of you have been to multiple Coldplay concerts. I live vicariously through all of you, your comments, posts, pictures, & videos. I have never seen them live and pray that somehow someday that will happen for me. I hope that the band will keep it together in spite of the many stresses they face. Having been in bands most of my life, (on a much smaller scale,) still I am keenly aware of these challenges. I have to say that I am tremendously amazed at how well they have managed to face these. After reading the "absolute radio live experiences entries," one thing emerged to be CRYSTAL CLEAR in all of them. These fellows are gentlemen in the truest sense of the word. Their response to such villainous affronts as: the "author of Viva La Vida," obvious breeches of privacy by interviewers & photographers(nothing personal,) verbal maligns from people they truly admire, inner conflict, on the road hardships, and vigorous obstacles to their family life, is ALWAYS GOLDEN. In spite of my obsession with their musicianship, I have nothing but admiration for them as "true human beings"(to quote Ten Bears in his conversation with Clint Eastwood's character in the movie "The Outlaw Josie Wells".) He says "your words have iron and you are on the path of the TRUE HUMAN BEING. " MY MOST HEARTFELT CONDOLENCE GOES OUT TO CHRIS & HIS FAMILY. I pray no one else falls ill, "BOYS" (as most of your fans refer to you,) KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! I'm sure all of you are physically, mentally, & emotionally drained. One more thing; anyone wanting to make friends with an older rock n roll vet, who "paid my dues and then some," please visit me and scroll down to my lengthy story... [thanks cheryl kay]


    You can read all the comments and contribute to the Tampa discussion at the Coldplay Live forum here onwards. Thanks to all those who have added to the thread so far.


    Photos of Coldplay at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Charlotte, NC (7th August 2009):




















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