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    Coldplayers predict date for rescheduled Tampa show

    coldplaynme.jpgNo official word yet on a rescheduled date for today's postponed Tampa show, and focus has now switched to when the new date will be. Below are several more thoughts from Coldplayers, this time on whether the show will go ahead this week, later this year, and even possibly tagged onto the start/finish of an as yet unannounced Latin American tour:


    Don't think there will be a show this week simply because they start the european tour next sunday and to be honest they can't really risk it that chris won't be fit for that part. if you look at depeche mode's postponed dates from may this year (because Dave Gahan was sick), they are now in January 2010. So my guess would be that they will tag before or after south america whenever this may be. They will be touring in Europe until 19.9 so no way they will do it there also I don't think they will do it afterwards as to ship the whole equipment just for one show would be just insane.... [thanks worldtrav]


    I highly doubt it will be before the Europe dates, maybe right after... I am hoping for a 2010 reschedule date, so I can try and make it then. The reschedule will happen, and whenever it may be, it will be worth the wait! Oh TRUST ME, its is worth however long you have to wait! Once they announce when it's rescheduled, use that as motivation. Coldplay is good motivation!! The boys never disappoint! [thanks kuti3xoxo]

    Someone at the last show saw an ambulance while waiting to get out of the traffic going into the venue. Oh, I just sent an email to the Babelgum Guy asking if he's heard anything. I'll post the email if he replies today!!! Def. not Monday! Thursday is very iffy, so close to Sunday's gig in Denmark. The Latin Tour hasn't been announced and if they tag Tampa onto that one, it could be way after Sept. I can't see them coming back here for 1 show unless it will be with a Latin Tour down the road. They WILL be back...... Good things come to those who wait. I would like my fix right away too, I bought tickets 6 months ago, and then won a contest, that put me into a Coldplay tailspin, and then BOOM, BOOM, POW, the energy just left my body yesterday, Coldplay is a class act, and I want each of them to rest, and feel better for everyone overseas who have been waiting just as long or longer, it's unfortunate for everyone, but nobody can change what has happened, so if I have to watch my 2003 DVD and YouTube past performances until they come back, so be it. Thursday is the only possible date left this week, as the venue has nothing going on, but that cuts it so close having to go overseas for the 16th. [thanks MartinFan]


    What's the longest time between a postponed show & the new date? Or if anyone else has experience with this sort of thing...what's the shortest? either way, whenever the new date is, I hope Chris & everyone else is ready to do it and is feeling well. I don't think there will be a show this week since their 1st one in Europe is next Sunday and people will probably want Chris to take a week off and get completely well again, as well as adjust to being back in Europe. Because I know if you get sick & don't wait long enough before doing something that takes a lot of energy, you could go right back to being sick, and take longer to feel well. But I just want to hear something soon, even if it is that we have to wait a bit longer....just some sort of idea. [thanks greeneyes1207]


    Re: Ambulance: It was just there. I saw no big commotion, no moving out of the way, nothing at all like that. Most likely nothing serious, but after seeing the notice on the web site, I got worried. I noticed the Saratoga Springs show ended up being rescheduled about 2 months after the original date. I don't know if that's possible for the Tampa gig, because they were getting ready to go overseas. Does anyone have an idea of what the chances of getting a rescheduled date in the next month are? It would've been cool to see some Coldplayers today, finally. In Charlotte, I saw 2 from far away wearing the Coldplaying shirts. By the way, if something happens and Thursday ends up being the date, could all Coldplayers who made travel plans still be able to make it? And if it gets rescheduled with notice, I'll try to call up the radio station in Tampa, and ask them to shout out the glow sticks, so the whole venue is covered. Just a big ass thanks to the band for coming back, and still showing Florida some love. [thanks JustSpies84]


    fortunately the 1st two concerts that were postponed were early in the tour and their was some flexibility in their scheduling. with this being the last official tour date in the USA and with them starting their European leg next week I think it's unfortunately unlikely they will play here any time soon! it's weird how Tampa now has been part of a couple of postponements (both due to illness) but once you look at how hard these guys tour...you just have to pray they are close to 100% by the time they visit your city. i had a weird feeling something might happen to the Tampa gig since it was the last stop...i was hoping they would play some classics mixed in with the updated setlist (since I saw them in Ohio last year) they have been playing..and i feel once they will reschedule...they will do something special for the Tampa fans. (A few years ago they posted a thank you note to the fans at the venue and even came out an hour or so between opening acts to apologize for cancelling the first time!). i cross my fingers a miracle happens this week..but i just don't see it happening! it would be great for Thursday of course..but how many people can attend a rescheduled show that's pretty much still a last minute reschedule? from reading this thread i see there were quite a few people (from Cali to out of the country) that made special plans to see them in Tampa. i feel for those folks cause i went through the same thing last year when their Cleveland show (originally for July 2008) was pushed back (due to technical/stage issues). i had to switch my airline ticket (which is pricey already!) but the hardcore Coldplay fans will pretty much do anything to see them! i did! [thanks gatorsamiam]


    Coldplay will most likely be out touring Central and South America in the next year. They could just swing up to Tampa from Mexico. What a treat it would be to have Coldplay return. It will likely be more than a month. On the other hand, they might pull it together for Thursday if Chris can manage it, then, they'd get it out of the way and satisfy everyone. I doubt that they would cancel the show entirely, since they are too fan-sensitive to do that. I know that they have at least two equipment sets, as they did back to back shows in the bay area and could not have possibly moved the whole set in one day. One of the sets has a huge digital computer screen that the other one doesn't. It's like the screen that Coldpaly used for the background digital clock in "Square One," the opening song for the X&Y tour, but it has vivid color. [thanks starfish42]


    I gotta say the Coldplay team are poor when it comes to providing information, it was like this last time too... I know they probably haven't finalised any details but an update would be have been nice. Just to say "oh hey there's a medical problem, we're postponing' and then to not say anything else is poor. At least a quick update to say 'don't worry, we're woking on a new date but it won't be anytime this week/month' they must know that people will have travelled, is just the polite thing to do. Plus they know people are going to worry when they use terms like "medical reasons". Anyway, just my two cents. Stop being so secretive Coldplay. [thanks mimixxx]


    To everyone who was planning to attend the Tampa show: I can only imagine how disappointed you all must be, especially Martinfan, 1 of my only 3 friends at the coldplaying site. I genuinely wish that somehow it will be made up to you. From what I've read, most of you have been to multiple Coldplay concerts. I live vicariously through all of you, your comments, posts, pictures, & videos. I have never seen them live and pray that somehow someday that will happen for me. I hope that the band will keep it together in spite of the many stresses they face. Having been in bands most of my life, (on a much smaller scale,) still I am keenly aware of these challenges. I have to say that I am tremendously amazed at how well they have managed to face these. After reading the "absolute radio live experiences entries," one thing emerged to be CRYSTAL CLEAR in all of them. These fellows are gentlemen in the truest sense of the word. Their response to such villainous affronts as: the "author of Viva La Vida," obvious breeches of privacy by interviewers & photographers(nothing personal,) verbal maligns from people they truly admire, inner conflict, on the road hardships, and vigorous obstacles to their family life, is ALWAYS GOLDEN. In spite of my obsession with their musicianship, I have nothing but admiration for them as "true human beings"(to quote Ten Bears in his conversation with Clint Eastwood's character in the movie "The Outlaw Josie Wells".) He says "your words have iron and you are on the path of the TRUE HUMAN BEING. " MY MOST HEARTFELT CONDOLENCE GOES OUT TO CHRIS & HIS FAMILY. I pray no one else falls ill, "BOYS" (as most of your fans refer to you,) KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! I'm sure all of you are physically, mentally, & emotionally drained. One more thing; anyone wanting to make friends with an older rock n roll vet, who "paid my dues and then some," please visit me and scroll down to my lengthy story... [thanks cheryl kay]


    You can read more comments and contribute to the latest Tampa discussion at the Coldplay Live forum here onwards. Thanks to all those who have added to the thread so far.


    New photos of Coldplay at All Points West Festival, Liberty State Park, New Jersey, NY, USA (2nd August 2009):






















    Pictures by thedugemanit @ flickr


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