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    ColdplayingTV™ is on air! First episode and press release available now

    onair.jpgThis weekend marked the airing of the first video episode proper of the brand new fan-created ColdplayingTV™ channel. You can watch the first episode at the Coldplay forum here alongside an introductory video featuring out-takes. If you are on YouTube don't forget to subscribe to the channel to be the first to get all the latest updates.


    This week's episode features some Willuv, the champion of Champions, and a discussion on the latest LP5 interview from the BBC. The 'Bucklannnd' makes an entrance and talks about Jonny. Chris Martin features with his usual fagueness on the new album. What do you think of the new album track titles? Fancy being part of the next episode? Discuss the latest here onwards [thanks Bonus_mosher]

    ColdplayingTV™ Press Release Exclusively for Coldplaying.com:


    Greetings to everybody at Coldplaying.com,


    Creating a News & Entertainments show exclusively on YouTube is an idea that has been floating around in my head for quite some time, but I could never quite get the right balance between format and a niche market that would appeal to a large audience; fortunately I have been floating around Coldplay fan-sites in some capacity for about six years. I started out on the old Coldplay.com forum in 2005 and eventually found my way to Coldplaying through word of mouth. What continues to impress is the glowing reputation and ever-growing-fanbase that I have seen before my own eyes for years, and I think it can only get bigger and better. ColdplayHQ have on numerous occasions presented members and staff of this wonderful forum with incredible experiences directly communicating with the band, from the 'Postcards From Far Away' project to most recently the chance to appear in the 'Christmas Lights' video after embarking on an illuminating cruise along the Thames.


    All of this went some way into forming the idea for ColdplayingTV, and it seemed to just make sense, Creating a News & Entertainments show about Coldplay for Coldplay fans. So far we have racked up 70+ subscribers and almost 200 views for the introduction video alone that we uploaded two days ago. The response has been incredible and we hope that in time we will learn to make the show the best that it can be on it's way to bringing you the news that you won't want to miss out on during the months leading up to and after the release of the as-yet unnamed 'LP5'.


    If you're new to Coldplaying.com and you have not witnessed the traffic that it gets during such an occasion, We feel that you will be able to benefit massively from what we have to offer and we promise to strive to make the show the best that it can be in terms of the news we deliver, the entertainment value of the show, and the large percentage of your own input - because as fans, you should be able to have a say on what you want to see on ColdplayingTV.


    On this weeks show we have some WillLuv, the mystery of those tiny letters on coldplay.com is solved, the results of this weeks poll are announced and discussed by fans on the show and much much more, so get involved today! Subscribe to our channel on YouTube and we will see you this Saturday and every saturday leading up to LP5. Kind Regards,


    The ColdplayingTV™HQ Team: Jamie, Chelsea, Tomas, Brooke, Andy & Everybody else contributing ideas and thoughts.




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