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    Coldplay's 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' labelled one of the darkest albums ever made (NME)

    arobtth1.jpgNME, estranged followers of the Coldplay story, have labelled the band's second album 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' one of the darkest albums ever made in a feature on their website today.


    Talking about the album, they describe the sophomore album as: "Featuring burning cities, wars and dead romance, Coldplay's second effort wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs."


    However, it's not all doom and gloom. In their 'do's and don'ts list of second albums' they've packaged the album as a successful progression from Parachutes. But of course they were fans of Coldplay back then so it's hardly a surprise that they still have a very scratched copy of AROBTTH in their collection. They wrote: "DO man up a bit. Coldplay's first album 'Parachutes' was perfectly pleasant - and 'Yellow' was a massive hit - but it lacked guts. Thankfully, they ditched the jangliness and worked out how to write songs as streamlined and impactful as 'Politik' and 'Clocks'. The result was 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head', and a band that looked like world-beaters, rather than students."

    More discussion on these features is available here at the Coldplay forum now [thanks Saketblitz]


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