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    Coldplay's Grammy Performance Now On Sale Via iTunes

    grammy.jpgAs previously reported, just days after their appearance at the Grammy Awards, the performances by Coldplay and Katy Perry are now available to buy. Coldplay performed ‘Lost’ with Jay-Z and ‘Viva La Vida’ and the performance is now available to download as an MP3 and/or a video (you can get both for $2.49) at the US store.


    If you're impressed with that sound and you haven't yet purchased the Prospekt's March edition of Viva La Vida (ie, the one featuring all 19 tracks from thealbum and the EP), it is currently on special offer, reduced from £11.99 to £6.99 in the UK store.


    You should now be able to buy the Life In Technicolor ii single and video from all iTunes stores around the world, with the exception of the US store (who'll be getting them before too long).

    On the Grammy performances, Elio Leoni-Sceti, CEO of EMI Music, said: "What a truly exciting Grammy evening. Each and every one of our nominated artists has achievements to celebrate this evening, from making fantastic music to delivering stunning live performances on the show. It was, of course, wonderful to see artists from a range of genres take home big awards. I am very proud of these tremendous artists and all the EMI teams who support them."


    More on this at the Coldplay forum Grammys thread here onwards.

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