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    Coldplay's Green Eyes Written For Jonny Buckland, Says Oracle

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    September 8, 2008 - submitted by Matt, Australia

    Q. Is it true the song Green Eyes was written about a cat?

    The Oracle replies:

    It isn't true no. I think maybe someone is pulling your leg, unless you are pulling mine. It was actually written about 2 people, one of whom is Jonny.


    September 8, 2008 - submitted by vinny, Ireland

    Q. What does 'NO ME LLORES' mean on Chris' guitar?

    The Oracle replies:

    Online translators throw up many variations but the actual meaning is 'don't cry for me'. And in answer to Brenda's related question, no, Chris did not write this on his guitar because he is sad. He isn't sad.

    September 8, 2008 - submitted by khushboo, United States of America

    Q. Has coldplay made their 2008 Christmas message yet?

    The Oracle replies:

    If it's anything like previous years it'll probably be done on the 23rd December! Seriously though, the Christmas message is usually filmed very close to Christmas with little time to spare. There'll be some thought about it at the start of December but that'll be subject to change as it mostly depends on how the band feel on the day.


    September 8, 2008 - submitted by Kathi, Canada

    Q. C'mon Oracle, you've been asked once, you've been asked twice....what was the name of the book Chris was reading? Enquiring minds want to know! Perhaps this is the one question the Oracle doesn't have the answer to???

    The Oracle replies:

    Tut tut Kathi... right back at you! I DID answer this so unless you want detention I suggest you read the answers of previously asked questions before berating the Oracle. Ditto to all the people sending in questions that I have already answered, I won't be answering them again!


    September 8, 2008 - submitted by Bonnie, United States of America

    Q. In the video for "In My Place" Chris runs to the back of the room and there are two people sitting on the stairs. Chris appears to say something to them, and then runs back to continue singing. Who are those people?

    The Oracle replies:

    They are the video commissioner and stylist.

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