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    Coldplay's new album scheduled for 24th October release, according to The Sun

    coldplay2008a.jpgColdplay's new album has been scheduled for a release on Monday 24th October, according to The Sun (one of the more reliable outlets, believe it or not) and other various online sources, including HMV and FNAC Musique, it has been revealed this week, although BOL (Netherlands) suggests the same week but on Friday 28th October. We are hoping for an official announcement this week, but whether that materialises will depend on whether Coldplay are in a position to reveal it. More on this is at the LP5 sub-forum on the messageboard now. Here's what The Sun had to say:


    Noel Gallagher's first hurdle as a solo artist will be having to face Coldplay in a battle of the albums. The guitarist will have a job on his hands to stay at the top of the charts for more than one week this autumn. Chris Martin and the band are releasing their latest offering seven days later. The former Oasis star issues his first solo album, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, on October 17. It's certain to race to No1, but a week later, on October 24, is when Coldplay have scheduled the release of their fifth collection. It's not the first time Noel and Coldplay have been involved in a chart battle. Back in 2005 Oasis' Don't Believe The Truth hit shop shelves seven days before the rockers' third album X&Y. The reign of Don't Believe The Truth at No1 lasted just seven days. At least we can look forward to an autumn of brilliant new music.

    Below are just some of your comments received since the websites started to announce the dates:


    If the 24th October release date is to be believed then Coldplay will also have to compete with the X Factor machine with Matt Cardle's First Album. I'd hate it if this over advertised rushed heartless money making album beats the complete opposite LP5! [thanks stevene273]


    More than likely that this will be the release date. These retailers get the sales info a lot earlier than we do as they do have to plan in advance after all. So 24th October it is then! [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    Concerning the Sun article with the Noel Gallagher v Coldplay battle, Noel will be #1 obviously but only for a week, predicting sales of about 150-200k for the first week. Coldplay will no doubt become number 1, they will win the battle against anyone, VLVODAAHF sold 500k in the first 10 days in the UK, something around 320k from its late week release instead of the usual monday where which X&Y sold about 450k in a week which was a record at the time. Sales have generally improved since the last album and the album chart is the worst its ever been right now but its the calm before the storm, there will be releases from Hard Fi, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Noel Gallagher and Coldplay all to come instead of Adele and Beyonce right at the top because they have no competition really. I'd say we are looking at very least providing a monday release 400k in the first week, I honestly think about 500-600k, maybe even a new record, EMI will be heavily promoting this and Coldplay's fan base has expanded and new fans won over because of ETIAW (the next single will win back any fans that disliked ETIAW) and the festival appearances, I bet a large amount of 'neutrals' who saw them live were amazed how good they are live. The third week sales will be about 150k imo while Noel will probably drop down to about 50-70k so its a no brainer there. [thanks 42rock89]


    although October has always been the month in my head as a lot of people..it's not a surprise for me, but i'm still hopin for surprises ..anyway, i think the announcement could be someday in the first 2 weeks on august... i cant take it.. 3 months its too much! people climb mt Everest in 3 months.. [thanks pipp088]


    There's no use hoping it's coming out in August-September because it's not, we're just waiting for them to officially announce which of the 31 days October is made up of will be the one, or more since the release date varies depending on the country [thanks iriden]


    New photos of Coldplay (well, Chris Martin) at the Oxegen festival, Ireland (10th July, 2011):














    Photo by peterneill @ Flickr


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